Babysitting (Joe x Reader)

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I haven't written a Joe baby short so here it is! I honestly never know what to name the kid of Q and Joe so I always just name the baby after them 😁

"Joe everything will be fine. He's your son. You can handle him. You where the food and diapers are. His toys are on the floor. If he gets cranky just let him take a nap." You said as you shoved things into your purse. Joe picked Joey up and to walked over to you.

"I'm just a little nervous about watching him alone for the first time." Joe said. You smiled a bit.

"I know but I'm sure it'll be fine." You said. You kissed Joe's lips then kissed Joey's cheek. "Bye. I love you both." He

"Bye love you too." Joe said. You waved at Joey and he waved back with a goof smile. You laughed and walked out of the house. Joe sighed. "I guess it's just me and you." He said. He froze and his face scrunched up. "Did you...."

"Poopy." Joey giggled. Joe sighed and carried him to the nursery.


"So what does mommy usually do with you?" Joe asked. Joey just cocked his head to the side and babbled. "Sounds fun." Joe laughed. There is was a knock on the. He sighed and stood up. He decided to bring Joey along.

"Hey." Murr said when Joe opened the door. Joe smiled.

"Hey guys. Why don't you come in?" He asked.

"Actually we were wondering if you wanted to go out the eat?" Sal said. Joe frowned.

"I can't guys. I'm babysitting Joey for (Y/N)." He said. Joey waved at them.

"Hi hi hi." He said repeatedly. The guys waved back.

"I guess we could hang here." Sal shrugged. Murr and Sal walked inside.

"Hmm hang out here with you guys and change diapers or go to place and drink and maybe flirt with hot girls...." Q said. Joe rolled his eyes.

"Sorry I forgot you are still living like your 20." He said. Q laughed.

"Naw I'm messing with you." He walked into the house.


"This can't be too hard." Murr said. He bounced Joey on his lap.

"It's isn't too hard. But this kid shits like his father." Joe said. Sal groaned.

"I am not dealing with his diapers then! I can't take your shit anymore!" He said. Joe laughed. Joey started to fuss a bit.

"Damn it! Murr what did you do?!" Joe asked. Murr looked around shocked.

"I-I didn't do anything!" He said. Joe took Joey from him but Joey started crying.

"He's probably hungry." Q said. Joe shook his head.

"I just fed him." He mumbled.

"He's your child. He's probably still hungry." Q said.

"Then you fed him if you think he's hungry." Joe said, passing Joey to him. Q carried him to the kitchen. He put Joey in his high chair. The guy sat at the table while Q looked through the fridge.

"Here." He opened the glass baby food bottle and grabbed a baby spoon. "I hope he likes bananas and strawberries." Sadly, Joey just whined and kicked his legs when Q tried to feed him.

"Nooo!" Joey cried. Q sighed. He sealed the bottle and tried a few other bottles. Each one had the same results, Joey crying and pushed the food away. Q tried to poor him some juice.

"He stopped." Sal mumbled. Joey stared at the bottle on the high chair. He started to chew on the rubber straw.

"Hey hey don't do that." Joe said. Joey pouted and shoved it off. "Told he's not hungry." He said. Q rolled his eyes.

"Shut up." He said. Sal stood up and lifted him outta the high chair.

"I know what he wants." He said. He walked to the livingroom and set Joey down by his toys. The guys walked in and stared at him. Joey cried and fell onto his back. Joe sighed.

"Let me check his diaper." He said. He carried Joey to his bedroom. He prayed his diaper was clean. He took off the diaper.

"Code brown?" Murr asked. Joe shook his head laughing a bit.

"Nope. Code yellow." He gave Joey a new diaper but Joey still fussed.

"A nap! Give him a nap." Murr suggested. Joe nodded. But yet even with the constant rocking and bouncing, Joey sobbed and refused to sleep. He had his head laying on Joe's shoulder like he wanted to but he wouldn't just sleep.

"This is insanity." Q mumbled. Joe nodded.

"Joe?!" You yelled up the stairs. Joe sighed in relief. You walked upstairs and walked into Joey's room.

"(Y/N)! It's been like an hour and Joey won't stop crying!" Murr said. You looked at Joey.

"Joe, don't you remember?" You asked. You grabbed Joey's pacifier off the table. "He needs this to help him calm down." You gentle put it in his mouth. Joey sniffled and sucked on it. Joe groaned a bit.

"That would have helped earlier." Sal said. You laughed a bit.

"You guys are funny. Now get out so Joey can sleep." You said. Sal, Murr and Q left as Joe set Joey into the crib.

"I failed." Joe whispered. You shook your head.

"No you didn't. I'm sure Joey had fun still. You can spend more time after he naps." You said. You kissed Joey smiled. He smiled back and hugged you.

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