Ackerman Is The Perfect Name For You

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Levi saying 'Ackerman is the perfect last name for you~"Then asks her to marry him
•Akame woke up seeing the space on their shared bed was empty

"Hm?..Levi?.."Akame mumbled as she rubbed her eyes,Looking around for her lover–But he wasn't there

She then proceeded to getting dressed and walking down the Halls to the Mess Hall

"Ah,Corporal Akame,Good morning!"

"Mornin'!Corporal Akame!"

"Good Morning!"

Different kinds of greetings from different kinds of soldiers were given to her as she made her way to Erwin,Hanji and Eren

"Good Morning,Akame"Erwin greeted with a smile as he nodded his head at Akame

"Good Morning!Akame!"Hanji said as she hanged her arm up on Akame's neck

"Good Morning,Corporal Akame!"Eren,Mikasa and all the others soldiers greeted together

"Good Morning~"Akame smiled at them

"What's with everyone today?They all seem so happy–Except for that Horse over there"Akame said to Erwin as she pointed to Jean who was sulking in the corner

"Ah,Don't mind the Horseface it's his usual thing"Eren laughed

"I see–But still,Everyone's so cheerful as if something great happened,What's up?"Akame asked

"Ah you se—"Hanji's mouth was covered up by Erwin as Mikasa lquickly thought of a cover

"Sasha farted earlier from eating too much bread"Mikasa said

"WHA—?!"Sasha was cut off when the room erupted of laughters

"Well–I guess it is expected for Sasha~"Akame laughed a bit

"Now then,If you'll excuse me–I'll be going to town today,Levi wasn't on the bed earlier so I figured he'd be in town—"Akame said as she stood up

"She's smart!"Eren whispered

"Not good!Oi!Erwin–Think of an excuse!"Hanji muttered

"W-Wait!—"Erwin said,as he pulled Akame's wrist making her seat back down again

Akame looked at him with wide red eyes–Shocked at what he just did

"S-Sorry,But...You can't go to town today!"Erwin said

"Eh?Why not?"Akame asked

"Because you know!You promised you'd spend the day with us!"Eren said

"Did I?"Akame asked

"Yes,you did!"Oluo said

"Ah,I see—It appears so,So what shall we do?"Akame asked


Why everyone was preventing Akame from going to town?—It's simple

"Oi,Hanji,Erwin—Tell Jaeger and the others too,even Squad Levi,Prevent Akame from going to town today"Levi said

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