She's Back

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'She's back....Tch,What a Bother,she should've just died' Petra thought in her mind as she saw Levi with Akame,as they were in the Mess Hall,It was a celebration party for Akame's survival and returning

"Listen to this!Akame!"Oluo said

"What?"Akame asked

"Corporal Levi.....And Petra.....Have been Dating!"Oluo said

"Really?!"Akame said with a shocked face,getting closer to Oluo,suddenly hitting the table

"Yeah!"Oluo replied,they both stared at each other for a long time with so serious faces before breaking out to a laugh


"HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU TOO OLUO!"Akame laughed beside Oluo,Levi who was glaring at Oluo,gritted his teeth in anger

"Tch....Damned Oluo"Levi whispered

"I'll be outside,I need some air"Akame said excusing herself as Oluo continued to laugh

"Go ahead!"Oluo said

Akame then went out,Levi followed behind her,Akame laid down on the grass admiring the beautiful ray of sun,Levi then laid beside her

"Levi"Akame said

"So....You still haven't answered my question....Who do you like?"Akame asked

"Tch,Just find out for yourself"Levi said

"I,atleast need some hints"Akame said

"Fine,She's strong.....She's always been by my side and.....She's beautiful"Levi said looking at Akame

"Hm.....Strong?Some who's aleays been by your side and is beautiful?.."Akame pondered wondering who the woman is

"Ah!I know!"Akame said

"Who?"Levi asked

"Is it....Petra?"Akame asked

"No.Why would it be her?"Levi asked

"Well...I figured she's strong,since you did pick her to be in your Squad,Second she's always with you right?So I'm probably not wrong there,third Petra is beautiful,and fourth Oluo told me so"Akame said

"Tch,Fine I'll give you one more hint"Levi sighed

"She has Jet-black hair"Levi said

"Black hair?.."Akame wondered once more,Akame then gasped catching Levi's attention

"You like Mikasa!?"Akame said in shock

"What?!Cadet Ackerman?!No!Jeez how dense can you be?!"Levi said

"Then who?"Akame asked

"Who else has fucking jet-black hair yo-"Levi was cut off by Hanji

"Shorty!I need Akame!"Hanji yelled running up to them

"Wow,Tch,Way to ruin the fucking moment,Shit-Glasses"Levi groaned

"What?What?!What happened?!"Hanji asked

"Nothing!What do you need Akame for?"Levi asked

"Oh right!Akame!I need you to help me with my Experiments on Eren!As in right now!"Hanji said grabbing Akame

"I'll be going with you"Levi said

"What?You don't have to Shorty"Hanji said

"I do,And my Squad too,since I am incharge of Eren"Levi said,Soon they were all in the open grounds of the Headquarters

Hanji,Levi,Akame,Eld,Gunther,Petra,Oluo and Eren

"Okay,Eren you go down that well and transform into a Titan,we'll examine you over here"Hanji said

"But will that well hold me?"Eren asked

"Yup!This old well handed down a few titans!"Hanji smiled

"So once you see the Green Flare fired you transform into a Titan,Levi,Akame and I will be over there waiting okay?"Hanji asked and Eren nodded

Soon Eren was down the well,then Hanji fired the green flare,Eren immediately saw it and started to bite his hand

A few minutes passed and Hanji,Levi and Akame still hasn't seen Eren's titan form

"Eren!What's wrong!?"Hanji asked walking up to the well,as she saw what was inside she gasped

"Eren!"Hanji cried out

"Hanji-san....I can't turn into a titan"Eren said,he was bloody all over with his hand

After the failed experiment,Eren,Gunther,Oluo, and Erd were sitting in a table as Hanji was off with Moblit her assistant and Akame was just wondering,Levi was talking with Petra

Then Eren's spoon suddenly fell out of the table and to the ground

"I'll get it"Eren said,but the moment he touched the spoon,Lighting striked him and Oluo,Erd and Gunther quickly became alerted

A Titan hand appeared and Eren was on top of it,his right hand deep within the Titan's Hand

Erd,Gunther,Oluo and Petra were surrounding Eren with all their blades out pointed at Eren

"What is it Eren?!Why did you turn into a titan without permission?!"Gunther shouted

"Calm down!"Levi said to them

"You think we can't kill you?!Don't try me!"Oluo provoked

"I said Calm down!Oluo!"Levi shouted,Levi was infront of Eren

"Heichou!Stay away from him!What are you doing?!"Petra shouted

"I said calm down!"Levi shouted once more

"What on earth are you thinking Eren!?"Erd shouted,they were all getting ready to strike Eren but Levi was holding them back of course they couldn't disobey their leader but they were almost out of control

"Eren!Prove to us you are not our enemy!That you're not Humanity's Enemy!"Erd shouted


Erd,Gunther,Petra and Oluo were afraid,still not knowing what Akame's Sword really is they put down their swords

"WAHH WHAT'S THIS?!?!?!?"Hanji shouted as she ran seeing the Titan's Hand

"Can I touch it?I can can't I?!I'll touch it!"Hanji said touching the hand

"OUCH IT'S SO HOT!WITHOUT THE SKIN IT'S SUPER HOT!"Hanji shouted jumping away from the titan's hand

Eren then,pulled out his hand falling to the ground in the process

"How do you feel?"Levi asked Eren

"N-Not.....So good"Eren said looking up at Levi

"Rest for now,Eren"Akame said and Eren nodded going back to his room,in the basement

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