Dense Confession

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After waking up,Akame and Levi headed for the Mess Hall for their Morning Breakfast

"Akame!"Hanji literally squished Akame,hugging her as Akame sat beside Hanji and Levi on Akame's other side

After eating,once again Akame walked outside and sat on the grass looking up at the sky,with Levi following behind her

"So...As I was saying yesterday...."Levi said

"What?About the woman you like?Oh yeah I still haven't figured it out yet"Akame said

"Nevermind....I'll just tell you"Levi said

"So who is it?!"Akame asked with a smile

"You...."Levi said getting closer and closer to Akame

"Levi...I love you too"Akame said

"Good thing we're on the same page"Levi said smirking at her

"What would you have done if I said I didn't love you?"Akame asked

"Force you to be mine,through ranks"Levi smirked

"But Levi...We're of the same rank,actually it kinda looks like I'm more stronger than you"Akame said

"Great way to ruin the moment Akame"Levi rolled his eyes

"But still.....I love you....."Levi said kissing Akame's lips

After a while Levi pulled away a small blush appearing on his handsome face

"Wait a minute......Is Humanity's Strongest Soldier....Blushing?"Akame asked turning to Levi

"What nonesense are you on about now,Akame?"Levi asked

"You....Are funny Levi"Akame chuckled


"Ouch,Hanji my ear hurts!"Akame said

"Oopps....Sorry 'bout that but is it true?Are you two together now?"Hanji asked

"Tch,What if it was?"Levi grumply answered

"KYAAHHHH I KNEW IT!"Hanji cheered

"Anyway,what's the emergency Hanji?"Akame asked

"Oh right!Erwin said kids were spotted in Wall Maria,apparently which is now Titan Territory"Hanji said

"Kids?!"Akame sprung up hearing about the kids

"Levi"Akame nodded to Levi and took off

"Get all your Squads!And gather at the HQ!Commander needs us as soon as possible!"Hanji announced as everyone was panicked upon the sudden announcement,Soon they were ready to go out the walls to Titan Territory

"Akame's Squad will guard and search here,Levi's Squad here,Hanji's Squad here,Mike over there and Mine will be over there"Erwin directed and they soon headed out

"Okay!Everyone!Search for any signs of children,some say there were children spotted here...I mean how could even children get out!It's dangerous!"Akame directed and they all did their jobs

"Tch!Where on earth could those kids be?!"Akame grunted as she continued to glide down the houses and streets searching any signs for the children

Akame settled on the roof and looked on the direction above her

'One 3-meter class on the right and 4 2-meter class on the left,I can handle it' Akame thought as she looked at the titans

She then immediately killed them without a second to waste

"See?Over in an instant"Akame said to herself,she then spotted the Titans gathering around something

"That's 2 6-Meter Class heading for an abandoned house?"Akame asked herself

She looked closer in the Abandoned House and saw about 3 kids,One girl,one boy and the other was a baby

"Shit!"Akame cursed as she immediately headed for the 2 6-meter class titans and quickly killed them,The 3 kids noticed her and immediately came to her side

"Onee-chan!Thank you for saving us!"The girl cried out to Akame

"It's alright,here come on,I'll take you back to the wall"Akame said

"Hold on tight to me okay?"Akame said as the girl and the boy held on to Akame tightly and Akame held the infant in her hands as she fired her graphling hooks to the wall and glided up

"Akame!"Mikasa called out to Akame as she saw her Graphling hooks

"Mikasa,Take these children"Akame said handing the three kids to Mikasa

"There were really children here?!"Jean said in Shock,Commander Erwin then arrived

"Akame,Are these 3 kids all there really was?"Erwin asked

"Yeah....They were hiding inside an abandoned house cornered by 2 6-Meter Class Titans"Akame reported

"Then,I think our mission is over,good work everyone"Erwin said as he fired a Black Smoke,signalling everyone to retreat back into the walls and their mission was finished

"Who found the kids?Were there really kids?"Eren asked

"Yeah....About 3 one girl,boy and an infant,Corporal Akame found them"Armin said

"Woah.....Corporal Akame is really awesome isn't she?"Eren asked

"Yeah"Armin nodded along with Eren

"And I'm curious about her sword"Eren said

"Good work today,Akame"Levi said to Akame

"You too Levi"Akame said as she walked ahead letting Levi get a handful of her jet-black silky long hair

"Hey,Akame....Doesn't your long hair bother you in missions?"Levi asked

"Not really"Akame said tucking a starnd of her hair behind her ear

"But they're up to your feet!They're too long!"Levi ridiculed pointing to her hair

"I said it doesn't bother me,Levi"Akame said rolling her eyes

"Fine"Levi said sighing and rolling his eyes at her

After arriving at HQ they quickly headed for Bed

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