Our Plan

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After that unexpected and surprising event,Erwin gave order to go back inside the Walls
Erwin summoned everyone in the Survey Corps in the Mess Hall

"I have something to announce!To lighten up the mood here in the Survey Corps,I have proposed a game!"Erwin said

"What kind of game?"Christa asked

"Here!Is a box full of paper with all of your names in it!"Erwin sai dgesturing to the box which Mike picked up

"And whoever names I'll get I'll give a command"Erwin said

"Then!"Erwin said as he hastily grabbed Akame's name

"The name is......Akame Strauss!"Erwin announced and everyone quickly looked at Akame

"Erwin!"Levi shouted

"Akame,come here"Erwin said,Akame shrugged and walked to Erwin

"Alright!Everyone dismissed!I will call you when the entertainment is ready!"Erwin said

"Hanji get the equipment ready"Erwin said to Hanji and Hanji excitedly went away

"And Levi....You can't be here"Erwin said as everyone was gone only Levi was left

"As if I'm leaving Akame with you,Eyebrows"Levi said said giving Erwin a death glare

"That is an order not a choice!Go finish your paperworks!"Erwin commanded

"Tch,Fine"Levi said walking off

"But I swear if you touch Akame's ass I swear to God I will kill you!"Levi threathened

"Perfect!"Hanji said

"Amazing!"Erwin said

"Mhm"Mike said nodding

"Alright!Hanji!Call everyone!"Erwin commanded

"Everyone's gathered here!Even Levi!"Mikasa shouted

"Alright!"Erwin said revealing Akamewho as wearing a long dress tube,with white and black,a white headband,a red collar and red stockings red high heels,A red ribbon on her stomach and black and white gloves up to her elbows

"Alright!Anyone who has any ideas on how to defeat titans raise your hand!And you'll receive Akame as your prize!"Erwin grinned as Akame just sat there looking bored

"How did you force Akame to wear that??....."Sasha asked

"Simple.....Meat"Hanji shrugged

Then.....Every guy raised their hands,wanting to receive Akame as their prize

"All of you!Hands down or I will cut it down!"Levi shouted fueling with jealousy

Then Jean raised his hand with a blush

"Hands down,Horse-Face"Levi glared at Jean and Jean terrified of Levi put his hand down

Levi raised his hand and Mike nodded his head

"Easy,Send me and I'll kill them,now let's go"Levi said pulling Akame and walking away

"Seems like our plan didn't work...."Erwin said

"Aww......But it was cute seeing Shorty Jealous!"Hanji said

"But,I must say....Akame looked gorgeous in that,that must've turned Levi on"Erwin smirked

"How....On the Fucking Walls did Erwin make you wear that?!"Levi asked Akame

"He promised me a Meat's supply for One Month"Akame shrugged
The Next Day,Akame encountered Jean in a Maid Uniform

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