The 16th Annual Ball

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"AKAME!AKAMEEEEE!!!"Running down the Halls was Hanji screaming out looking for Akame

"Huh?..Isn't that Squad Leader Hanji?"Eren asked

"Why is she running?"Armin asked

"Probably to force Corporal Akame to come to the Annual Ball"Mikasa spoke plainly

"Ah right.....The ball we got invitations about it..."Eren said

"Yeah,I guess I'll pray for Corporal Akame then.."Armin laughed awkwardly

"AKAMEEEEEE!!"Hanji continued shouting as she reached the Mess Hall where Levi and Akame were eating peacefully-Before Hanji barged in

"Tch,What is it Shitty-Glasses?"Levi asked glaring at Hanji

"Akame!You'll come to the Ball right?Right?!"Hanji asked excitedly rubbing the invitation in her face

"No!"Akame denied pushing Hanji away

"Pleaseeeee??"Hanji continued pestering Akame to come but so far-No progress

"Ah!I know!"Hanji had an idea

"I'll give you 5 Months supply of Meat if you come!"Hanji offered,Akame's head shot up after hearing 'Meat'

"Ahh....There goes Squad Leader Hanji again bribing Corporal Akame with meat..."Armin said

"She always does that just so Corporal Akame would say yes to her pleads"Eren mumbled as he ate his bread

".....Fine"Akame said

"Tch,Just because it sounded tempting?..."Levi raised his eyebrow at Akame

"It's meat!"Akame exclaimed

"Anyway..I'll be the one doing your make up and choosing your dress later!"Hanji said

"Ugh,This is why I hate Balls"Akame groaned

"That's not very ladylike,Akame"Levi spoke to her

"Yuri would've been more lady-like"Levi whispered

"Well,I'm sorry,I'm not that Yuri"Akame rolled her eyes at Levi as she walked away

"Oh!We'll also be with Christa,Mikasa,Sasha and Petra too!"Hanji added skipping away to Akame

That same day of the Ball was when Akame found out Yuri was going to the Ball with Levi,Angry Akame avoided Levi for the whole day and possibly even in the Ball

'Guess he still loves her afterall...' Akame sighed in her mind

Hours later it was time for the Ball

"Akame!Where are you!?"Hanji shouted through her room as she searched for the Black-haired woman

"Over here!"Akame shouted

"Good!We're running out of time!Go wear this and we're almost done!Just a few make-ups that's all"Hanji grimned pushing a black dress in Akame's arms

Giving her no time to refuse,Akame sighed and gave up,walking defeatedly to her room to change clothes

"What's taking her so long?"Hanji tapped her heels impatiently,they were all finished,all they were waiting for was Akame

Hanji looked gorgeous wearing a blue strapped dress with her brown hair tied in an elegant bun

Christa wearing a long puffy yellow dress,her hair tied in a high-pony-tail

Sasha wearing a brown puff-like dress and her hair tied in a semi-ponytail

Mikasa wearing a red dress,that goes over her knees,her black hair tied into a ponytail

Petra wearing a pastel dress that is below her knees,her hair was kept the same but was added with a few clips to keep it away from her face

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