Your Past

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Another day where the new soldiers were bombing Akame with questions

Erwin,Hanji,Mike and Levi were sitting just beside her smiling and laughing

"Corporal Akame!I'd like to ask something!"Armin raised him hand

"No need for the Corporal thing Armin,what is it?"Akame asked

"Um....I know this might be a difficult topic but we would atleast like to know.....What happened with your past?.."Armin asked everyone went dead silent

No one actually knew her past form various research only Erwin knows about it not even Hanji knows about Akame's past too

Akame stood up without a word and left the room

"I'll let Erwin do the talking"Akame said as everyone turned to Erwin,Levi who also didn't have a single clue about her past was curious and therefore stayed to listen

Erwin sighed,Looking at the faces of the Cadets and Hanji's excited face

"Akame,You know Mike knows about it too,so why does it have to be me?"Erwin sighed

"Since Mike,doesn't mostly speak"Hanji replied

"Tell us!Commander Erwin!How did Corporal Akame come to join the Survey Corps?!"Connie asked

"Actually......On our very first meeting....She almost killed me on the spot"Erwin said

"What?!"Everyone shouted in shock

"You see.....Before Akame came to the Survey Corps.....She was an assassin"Erwin said

"Assassin?!No wonder she has those skills!"Hnaji said

"She was a former member of the Elite Group of 7 Assassins for the Kingdom,but soon she left and joined a group of rebelious assassins called Night Raid led by the General Najenda"Erwin told Akame's story

"When she was a child she and her little sister were sold to the Black Market,and then they were forced to take on cruel and dangerous exams"Erwin said

"She has a little sister?!"Eren asked

"Yes,but she never told us her name or her appearance"Erwin said

"Then she became an assassin fully fledged for the Kingdom's every order and mission given to her,she carried them out perfectly,but then as she became the excellent assassin her comrades were dying"Erwin continued

"There,Najenda Showed her the real cruelty and the tuth of this world,she joined night raid and continued being an assassin killing the people who were doing bad things in this world"Erwin sais

"The first time I met her,was when I was ordered to be assassinated by her,she was tricked and deceive to kill me,And when she did,she truly almost killed me off with her sword,if That woman didn't stop her"Erwin said

"There I discovered how powerful she was,even without that sword of hers she was a powerful human being who I couldn't pass by,She was even more powerful than me!I then asked her to join the Survey Corps which sehd accepted leaving leaving her assassin life"Erwin finished

"Woah........"Sasha said

"I never knew Corporal Akame was that amazing"Eren said

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