What Happens Next?

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The Jet-Black haired woman slowly rose up,holding her head in pain as she stood up

She looked at the surroundings,figuring immeditaely she was outside the Walls

"I....Have to go back,Boss might scold me for sneaking off a mission"Akame murmured to herself as she stood up and triggered her 3DMG

As soon as she reached the inside,she made her way to the Night Raid's HQ

"Boss.....Sorry I'm late from my Mission"Akame said with a poker face as she appeared in the Lobby where all Night Raid members were gathered doing their own stuffs

"Mission?....Wait,Akame?"Najenda asked

"Yes?"Akame asked

"You don't have a mission for today.....Wait,Why are you even here you have paperworks back at The Survey Corps"Leone said

"Survey Corps?....What are you guys talking about?"Akame asked

"And no mission?Then what was I doing outside the Walls?"Akame asked

"Oh god...."Lubbock said

"She has....Amnesia!"Mine said

"And who's that?"Akame asked pointing to Tatsumi

"I-I'm the new recruit!You don't recognize me?Akame-san?"Tatsumi asked as Akame shaked her head

"God....She has an amnesia"Najenda said holding her head

"Alright.....No one say a thing about this to the Corps"Najenda whispered to Leone,Tatsumi,Lubbock and Mine

"Hai"They said in sync and nodded

"This must have been when she hasn't joined the Survey Corps yet"Najenda said

"I see.....That's why she doens't know the Survey Corps or Tatsumi"Mine said
The Raven Haired man was holding a bouquet of white lilies,behind him back as he rode on his horse on the way to the graveyard

"This all feels.......Nostalgic"Levi whispered to himself as he slowly wlaked to a certain woman's grave

"I never thought,I'd ever be going here again"Levi said gentky placing the white lilies down and sitting beside the grave

"If only.....If only Erwin sent me with you,Maybe we woukd still be together?"Levi asked

Levi stayed there a few hours,talking to Akame about how his life was going afterall it's been 10 Days ever since that incident

"It's time....I better get going before Erwin notices I'm gone"Levi said

"I love you.....Always remember that,Akame"Levi whispered as he walked back to his horse and galloped away
"Akame!There's one guy trying to escape!"Leone shouted before Akame

"Got it"Akame said as she jumped up and backflipped slicing the Guy in the process

"Nice job,Akame!"Lubbock shouted patting Akame's back

"Well....That's the last of those Pedo's"Leone said

"I've finished the other one too,their leader"Mine said joining up with them

"Then,Since it's finished let's go back to HQ"Lubbock said as Akame,Tatsumi and Leone and Mine jumped on Lubbock's strings and made their way back to HQ

"Huh?!"Armin suddenly shouted as he turned to the right as if he saw something unbelievable

"What is it,Armin?"Eren questioned

"Nothing....I just thought I saw Akame-san.."Armin said

"Akame-san?!Armin are you kidding me?If she is still alive then she would've come back to the Survey Corps"Mikasa said

They were all assigned to patrol the city,since many reports of a mysterious man killing and beheading people he catched at night

And since the Military Police couldn't handle it,It was given to the Survey Corps,and everyone was assigned to patrol different spots at night

"Come on,Let's meet up with Levi Heichou,he might scold us again"Eren groaned,Armin turned back once more before leaving

"I really thought,I saw her"Armin said

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