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As they arrived,Akame quickly plunged herself to Levi's bed,as Levi changed and laid beside her

"Aren't you going to change clothes?"Levi asked Akame

"Nah....I'm too tired"Akame replied

"Jeez,You're dirty.......but since I love you it's okay"Levi whispered the last part so Akame couldn't hear clearly

"What?"Akame asked

"I said just sleep"Levi replied

"So.....Levi,got any lovers?It's been 2 years"Akame said

"..."Levi didn't answer Akame's question and instead ignored it

"I know you're ignoring it,Levi....Well since I think it's a pretty tough decision I'll leave it alone"Akame said

"Tch"Was Levi's only response

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