Night Raid.....Is Back

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Another sunny morning

Levi and Akame,both snuggled up in Levi's bed sleeping peacefully until Akame woke up soon Levi woke up too

After fixng themselves they headed for the Mess Hall

Where a familiar Woman was sitting talking with Erwin

"Erwin....Who is that woman?"Levi asked turning to the gray-haired woman beside Erwin

"Ah,Levi,Akame....God thing you're both up,I'd like you to meet The General of the Kingdom General Najenda"Erwin said

"Wait.....Did you say Najenda?"Akame asked as she showed her face,popping out from behind Levi

"Akame?....Is that you?"Najenda asked

"Boss?!"Akame said shocked by the fact that her former boss was there

"Wait....You two know each other?...."Erwin asked

"Yeah"Najenda said as she stood up and hugged Akame

"I thought you were dead!"Najenda said

"Well.....I'm not"Akame said

"I was Akame's former Boss,I'm actually the Boss of Night Raid"Najenda said

"Boss.....If you're alive then that means...."Akame said as she faced realization

"Ooppss....Sorry!We're late Boss!"A cheery loud voice said upon entering the Mess Hall

"Leone?..."Akame said as she turned,her red eyes widened as tears poured out

"Oh!Akame!"Leone smiled and hugged her tight

"Yes....They are alive,Leone,Lubbock,Mine,Sheele but Bulat....."Najenda trailed off

".....He died didn't he?..."Akame asked tears gathering in her eyes

"Yeah....He fought Esdeath's servants.....He did kill them but he died too..."Najenda said

"But now!I've found a new recruit!Meet Tatsumi!"Leon said showing a young boy with brown hair and green eyes

"Are you the famous Akame Strauss with the cursed sword?"Tatsumi asked and Akame nodded

"Wait,wait,wait....So you..."Erwin said pointing to Najenda

"Are Night Raid's boss?"Erwin asked And Najenda nodded

"And she.."Hanji said pointing to Akame

"Is your member?"Hanji asked and Najenda nodded

"And they....."Armin said pointing to Leone,Lubbock,Mine,Sheele and Tatsumi

"Are members of Night Raid?"Armin asked

"Yup"Najenda nodded

"Well....Now that I've confirmed that Akame is alive,I'll be taking her back to Night Raid"Najenda said

"Woah,woah,woah....Waita minute,Akame is needed here in the Survey Corps"Erwin stated

"I'm sure you guys can handle yourselves,we need our stringest assassin too"Najenda said

"But she is the reason as to why there are many soldiers who have lived up until now"Erwin said

"I see....Then let's do this.."Najenda said

"Akame will work for Both Night Raid and the Survey Corps,how about that?"Najenda asked

"I think that'd be fair but what about Akame?Is it okay with her?"Erwin asked and Akame nodded

"Akame!!!I missed you!I thought you were really dead!But then I thought that you can never ever die!"Leone said hugging Akame tightly

"So now......Since I've seen you guys are still alive,I'm thankful"Akame said

After that encounter,Akame found out that the Night Raid's Headquarters was just infront of the Survey Corps Headquarters

"Well taht sure was crazy...I never imagined that Akame would go back to being an assassin"Hanji said

"Me too...But I think she's happy,seeing her old comrades alive,But at the same time she's devasted knowing one of them died"Erwin said

"Yeah..."Mike nodded along

After a long time,Akame got used to Tatsumi,Night Raids newest recruit

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