The Annual Ball

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"Hey guys....Did you ever think that..."Connie trailed off looking if any of their superiors were there before continueing

"That the Survey Corps ever had a Ball?!"Connie continued raising his voice a bit shocking everyone

"N-"Eren was cut off

"Of course!"Hanji shrieked suddenly appearing beside them

"GAH!-Squad Leader Hanji?!"Eren shouted surprised looking at Hanji wide-eyed

"Anyway-You were saying?.."Connie asked

"That's right!We had a ball!"Hanji spoke

"Our last ball was held 5 Years ago"Hanji said

"Back then,I remember something happening between,Shorty,Akame and that Yuri"Hanji said a little venom in her voice while saying Yuri's name

"Please tell us!"Eren said

"I'd be interesting!"Jean added

"Plus it's about Corporal Levi and Corporal Akame!"Armin said

"With that Yuri..."Eren spoke as if the name itself was dead

"Alright,Alright,I'll tell..."Hanji paused looking for any signs of Akame or Levi

"They're not here good!Just don't tell Akame or Levi I told you!Or else I'll be dead!"Hanji spoke terrifiedly

"Well you see....It was the 15th Annual Ball,Everyone was invited,at first Akame wasn't going to attend,saying she was busy and it'd be a bother-"Hanji was cut off by Mikasa'a side-comment

"Well she was right"Mikasa commented

"Shh!"Eren hushed her and Hanji continued

"But I knew that her excises were all just lies,I knew she was going to assassinate someone,since she said she had a job to do"Hanji said

"Noneless,I forced her-And let me tell you she looked amazing!"Hanji said

"Do you have a picture?!"Reiner asked

"I do!Here!"Hanji said handing them a picture,the picture was of a gorgeous black haired woman with red eyes

Wearing a gorgeous red dress,Black long gloves on her delicate arms,And her face was just plain gorgeous

Her long black hair a little arranged to the side but still remained on her sides,her piercing red eyes glowing like blood as beautiful as ever

"T-This?!IS CORPORAL AKAME?!"Eren shouted

"Yeah...She was gorgeous wasn't she?"Hanji asked


"I know it was shocking,If you put effort to it,I'll be able to make Akame look like that again"Hanji said

"Really?!"Connie shouted in glee

"Yeah,I mean she never loss her gorgeousness,it's all hidden,she likes to hide it"Hanji chuckled

"Anyway,the theme was Mascarade Ball,So everyone had to wear masks to cover their identities"Hanji said

"So I forced Akame to wear a red mask,which unfortunately was the exact same mask Yuri had at that time"Hanji said

"Go on..."Christa said

"Then,Levi approached Akame who was sitting on a chair drinking"Hanji said

"They danced and Levi spoke...."Hanji trailed off a sad expression on her face

"I've had my eyes on you for a while now and I think I like you,I want you on my squad..Yuri"Hanji said

"Those were Levi's exact words,Akame's eyes widened,I wondered too,how can Levi mistake Akame for Yuri?The only thing that is seen is your eyes,and we all clearly know One person with eyes as red as Akame's"Hanji rambled

"What?..."Gunther spoke

"Levi Heichou was inlove with Yuri?!"Petra shrieked

"Yeah,I mean Yuri has ugly black eyes,Akame has her beautiful red eyes,how come Levi mistook her for Yuri?"Hanji said

"Anyway,Akame was enraged and full of anger,she removed her mask which made Levi gasp,Akame ran off and never attended any Balls ever again..."Hanji finished

"I can't believe that actually happened..."Eren spoke

"How was Akame-san after that?"Mikasa questioned

"She....Became heartless and cold"Hanji said

"The very same Akame you now know,but imagine her colder and more heartless and ruthless that is far greater than Levi"Hanji said

"Oi!What are you brats doing here?!"Came Levi's voice

"C-Corporal!"Eren suddenly said standing up with a salute

"Shitty-Glasses is here too?.."Levi mumbled with his eyes wide staring at Hanji who was smiling brightly at him

"Oh well!Bye everyone!I'm off to bed!"And with that Hanji sped off not wanting to be beaten up by Levi

"And for the rest of you..."Levi said in a dangerous tone

"GO TO SLEEP!"Levi growled as the Cadets scrambled trying to get to their rooms as fast as possible before Levi catches them

"What was that about?"Akame asked appearing beside Levi who sighed

"I don't know..."Levi sighed

"Shitty-Glasses was here too"Levi added

"Hanji?...Is that woman up to no good again?"Akame asked

"That...I'm not sure,maybe"Levi shrugged

"Anyway,let's get back to sleep,I'm tired"Levi said yawning

The next day,A letter was sent to everyone in the Survey Corps

"Hm?...What's this?"Akame rubbed her eyes open while holding the letter in her hands,Levi had a similar one which he was reading

"It's...."Levi paused

"An annual Ball,The 16th Annual Ball,Theme:Mascarade Ball"Levi read

"WHAT?!"Akame shouted

"Are you attending?"Levi asked

"Don't know,I'll probably be forced by Hanji again"Akame yawned shrugging

"Again?...So last year you were forced by Shit-Glasses?"Levi asked

"Last year?..."Akame asked

"Yeah....Last year,that mistake"Akame added narrowing her eyes at Levi

"I said I was sorry about that!"Levi countered

"How can you even mistake me for Yuri?!I have red eyes she has black normal ones!"Akame shouted

"I don't know!I wasn't myself at that time!"Levi shouted back

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