Out Of The Walls

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"Shorty!!!!Akame!!!"Hanji bursted throught Levi and Akame's room,whereas the 2 were still asleep but woke up due to Hanji's screaming

"Tch,What is it,Shit-Glasses?"Levi asked getting up,showing his shirtless abs

"Shorty!!!I need Akame!I got Permission from Erwin to capture a Titan out of the Walls and experiment on it here!!!"Hanji said

"What?...."Akame asked rubbing her eyes groggily getting up

"Akame!!!!You'll help me right?"Hanji asked

"Huh?...Uh yeah.."Akame said

"What did I just agree to?"Akame asked Whispering to Levi as Hanji screamed about and about

"Capture a Titan outside the Walls with Hanji"Levi sighed

"Oh,God..."Akame said face palming

"Listen,Hanji...I meant to say no,since I just woke up I wasn't myself and greed so I'm taking it back now-"Akame was cut off by Hanji's screaming

"Nope!!You said yes,and there's no taking back what you said!"Hanji screamed as she dashed off

"Oh gosh....Help me?.."Akame asked with a little hope in her voice looking at Levi

"No,Goodluck handling Shitty-Glasses"Levi smirked getting up and getting dressed

"You suck,Levi..."Akame groaned as she fell back down to their bed

"Hey,get up.....We still need to train the Cadets"Levi said pushing Akame

"No....Just....Give me 5 More minutes...."Akame said squishing her face back to her pillow and slept

"I said right now....!"Levi said as he got hold of Akame's foot,he pulled her out of bed and face-first she fell to the floor

"Ow!"Akame shouted as she felt the hard floor

"Levi,You bastard,that hurt!"Akame said

"Did it?I don't know what you're talking about,love"Levi smirked buttoning his shirt

"Oh!I forgot to tell you!We leave later at night!"Hanji shouted popping back in and out

"Yeah sure..."Akame said as her face was still on the floor

Pushing herself up and got ready and soon they took off to the Mess Hall

Akame sat beside Armin,then Jean appeared pushing Armin out of his seat and sitting next to Akame

"H-Hey.....Corporal Akame.."Jean said blushing

"Huh?...I thought Armin was sitting there earlier,I wonder where he went?."Akame replied,turning back,her black locks swaying in the process

"W-Wow......Gorgeous..."Jean said,Then just then,Levi noticed Jean blsuhing as Akame nibbled on her Meat

Jealousy overflowing him,he stood up and walked to Jean,he sat beside him scaring Jean a little

"C-Corporal Levi!"Jean said

"Cadet,You'll be doing Stable Cleaning for 2 Months"Levi ordered

"Y-Yes sir!"Jean said amd took off

"What happened?"Akame asked

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