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Another usual day,Except Erwin has orders to go on an expedition

After settling in an abandones Town.Erwin directed soldiers how they'll be moving in a set up tent

"Erwin!"Hanji said,Erwin sighed hearing Hanji

"As I said!We need to capture some titans!I'll be a huge step for Humanity if we do!We can experiment on them and lear-"Hanji was cut off by Erwin

"No"Erwin firmly replied

After that he walked out

"Wait!Erwin!"Hanji said running behind

"It's really impossible,Hanji-san"Oluo said,he and Petra were just outside the tent and Hanji was with her assistant Moblit

"It's life or death just to kill titans"Oluo said with his eyes closed and his arms crossed

"No matter how many lives me have,capturing them is impossibl-"Oluo was cut off when Hanji grabbed his collar and lifted him in the air,Oluo was chocking

"Let's say,Oluo....That Levi was trying to kill you.Seriously trying,what do you do,Can you fight and win?."Hanji asked her voice was of a different tone and she was made serious with a serious face on as Oluo looked at her with a terrified face

"No....Not possible.More importantly....I'm chocking..."Oluo said with a small voice

"Shall I tell you how to win?....You study him.."Hanji said her eyes were dark and she was mad and serious losing her original personality

"Everything from his routine,to the type of food he doesn't like,his taste in women,the number of times he goes to the bathroom..."Hanji said as Oluo was still chocking

"You find out every little detail like that!"Hanji said

"If you do that,you will find some weakness you can exploit"Hanji said,Oluo's feet were still not on the ground as he chocked

"If you don't fight like that,you will definitely be killed"Hanji said

"Hanji-san!"Petra cried out

"Squad Leader!That's too much!"Moblit said,then Akame came running on her horse

"Hanji!"Akame said making Hanji let go of Oluo,She gritted hee teeth a little before laughing it off

"Sorry,sorry.....But it's pretty much something like that"Hanji said waving off

"Squad Leader!"Moblit screamed as he followed behind Hanji

"Shit,I seriously almost died"Oluo said holding his neck

"Are you alright?"Akame asked

"Huh?...Yeah"Oluo said

"I'll be going"Akame said running off on her horse,Meeting with Levi

On top of the roof was Mike,eating a little bread,he sniffed a little bit before walking on the edge of the roof sniffing a bit more,he brought out his flare gun and fired a red flared

"The forest!They're here!"Mike shouted catching Erwin's attention

"All hands!On alert!"Mike ordered

"Squad Leader!It's too damgerous alone!"Moblit warned Hanji,Erwin quickly looked at Hanji who was fast enough to jump on her horse before galloping off

"Erwin,I'm gonna go ahead!"Hanji said as she took off

"Wait!Hanji!"Erwin shouted but Hanji already took off

"Levi!Akame!"Erwin shouted at Levi and Akame signalling to come after Hanji

"Tch"Levi clicked his tongue before running his horse on with his Squad while Akame's Squad remained on Erwin's orders

"Oohhh!Found you!"Hanji screamed as she found a 6-Meter Class Titan,she ran up ahead making it follow her

"Hello!Nice weather isn't it?!"Hanji asked attempting to converse with the titan but the titan only tried to catch her and fails

Hanji moved to an open space and the titan still trailed behind her,then Levi and his Squad came along with Akame

Levi shot a red flare just infront of the titan

"Over here,Stupid"Levi said with his usual monotone cold voice as he looked at the titan leading him away from Hanji,The titan looked at the red flare fired before him

"Hey!Don't interfere!"Hanji shouted by then,the titan continued following Hanji

"That's it.That"s it Follow me!"Hanji said at the titan smiling since he still followed Hanji

After a while the titan started slowing down he looked around and started running back inside the forest

"Huh?Hey!Wait up!"Hanji shouted as she followed to where the titan ran

"Hey!Where are you going?"Hanji asked the titan.Levi,His Squad and Akame followed behind Hanji as they entered the forest

"What's with that moron?Going back home?"Oluo said as he accidentally bit his tomgue again,and the rest of Squad Levi galloped through the forest behind Levi and Akame

"Something is odd,even if it is an abnormal!"Petra said

"Yeah,it's different from anything that's been reported thus far"Eld said

"No,don't we call them abnormals becuase they're unlike others?"Gunther pointed out

"Doesn't matter!"Levi shouted pulling out one of his blades as he used his other hand to hold on the reins and Akame pulled out her Murasame

"We'll do it here..."Levi said

"Hey!I said wait!"Hanji shouted following the titan deeper and deeper in the forest

'Is it heading somewhere specific?..Even thought it's an abnormal,could a titan even do that?' Hanji thought as it stopped in the middle of the forest with a large tree in the middle,it started banging it's head on the tree

"What?....What's going on?."Hanji asked as she stepped down from her horse amd prepared her 3DMG

"What are you doing?...Is thsi where you wanted to go?.."Hanji continued asking as she walked nearer,when she got too close the titan suddenly faced her and tried to grab her

But Hanji was fast enough to fore her graphling hooks and glide on the branch of a tree

"Woah....That was a close one!"Hanji exclaimed

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