Wasn't Me

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Another Morning when Akame was just simply walking In the Mess Hall

Meanwhile in Levi's Office

'Hm....Shorty only takes a 3-Minute Combat Style Bath...So I have 3 Minutes to take his Cravat....' Hanji evilly thought as she slipped in Levi's Office quietly sneaking in

She reached his bedroom where Levi's clothes were neatly placed

Hanji grinned before taking all of Levi's clothes and making a run for the door as she heard Levi getting out of the shower

"Akame?....Is that you?."Levi asked but got no answer,so he quickly got his towel and ended his bath

He saw that his clothes were not there anymore and quickly put on new clothes but since his cravat was still with Hanji he was angry

He ran out seeing the giggling woman run he ran after her

"Akame!!!"Hanji called out bursting in the Mess Hall

"Oh,Hanji"Akame said turning to her

"Hold on to these please!"Hanj said throwing Levi's clothes at Akame which she caught and Hanji took off

"Hanji!"Levi shouted angrily as he bursted through the Mess Hall,Akame looked back to see Humanity's Strongest Soldier running at top speed for Akame

As Levi was almost about to make Contact with Akame,Akame tossed Levi's clothes in the air and holding Levi's head,Akame backflipped in the air landing behind Levi with Levi's clothes neatly in her hands

"I'm assuming,Hanji sneaked in and stole your clothes again didn't she?.."Akame asked Levi

"Tch,Yeah"Levi said taking his clothes back
Everyone was in the Mess Hall

"Hey....I've been wondering about this but....How old do you think Commander Erwin is?Levi Heichou?Major Hanji?Major Mike or even Corporal Akame?"Eren asked

"At the least I think Corporal Akame is already 17!I mean she looks so gorgeous right?!"Connie said

"Let's go ask them.."Armin said

They all went to the table where,Erwin,Hanji,Mike,Levi and Akame were all sitting

"Excuse me,Commander Erwin,Eren here would like to ask a question"Armin said

"Sure what is it,Eren?"Erwin asked

"W-Well..I was wondering how old are you,Commander Erwin?"Eren asked,Erwin started laughing really loud

"I'm 37"Erwin said

"Woah!You're that old?!"Connie said

"How about you,Major Hanji?!"Hanji asked

"I'm 33"Hanji smiled

"Woah!Seriously?!"Reiner said

"How about you,Major Mike?"Armin asked

"I'm 37"Mike said

"Seriously?!Are you guys that old?!"Sasha said

"How about Corporal Levi?..."Eren asked

"Tch,I'm 34"Levi said

"Really?!But you looks so young Heichou!"Petra said

"Tch"Levi clicked his tongue

"How about you,Corporal Akame?!"Eren asked

"Huh?...Oh I'm 34 too"Akame replied

"What?!"Everyone except Erwin,Hanji,Mike and Levi's mouth agaped

"Why?"Akame asked

"You look at the most 17!"Jean said

"Well...I'm not I'm already 34 just the same as Levi"Akame said

"You know....I've always been wondering about this....But how old are you,Oluo-san?"Eren asked turning to Oluo,Oluo smirked

"Tch,I'm 19"Oluo smirked

"WHAT?!?!?!?"They all shouted

"You look like you're 38!"Reiner said

"Tch,Brats"Oluo said

"Wait,wait,wait....I just thought of something!"Armin exclaimed

"What?"Bertholt asked

"Look,If Corporal Levi is 34 and looks that young,and Oluo-san is 19 and looks like an old guy!"Armin said

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