You Saved them

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As they were gliding back,Gunther spotted someone,It wasn't Levi who called them,instead it was the Female Titan

"Who are you?!"Gunther asked alerted,the moment he said those words the suspicious person attacked him with its blades

But Instead of hitting Gunther,she was met with another blade,it was Akame!

"Corporal Akame!"Gunther said in surprise

"Gunther!Run away!Erwin gave order to retreat!I'll deal with this!"Akame said grotting her teeth as she continued to block the Girl with her Murasame giving Gunther and the rest time to escape

"Hurry!"Akame shouted,anger building up inside her

"I knew what you were planning,don't think you can pass by me so easily..."Akame whispered narrowing her eyes at the suspicious person

Then,As the person disappeared,lighting striked that very place,and the Female Titan appeared

"Corporal Akame!!!!"Eren shouted looking at Akame who was gliding tree to tree dodging the Female Titan's attacks

"Don't worry Eren!For now Corporal Akame will handle it!Let's just obey her command!"Oluo said pulling Eren

"But what if she dies!?"Eren asked

"She won't!that woman is stronger than us,Levi Heichou and Even Commander Erwin!She's never going to die!Just have faith!"Eld said

They all looked back to see,Akame accidentally let go of her Murasame,she fell the ground with a thud,the Female Titan then took her chance and hit her.Akame then was thrown

"!Corporal Akame!"Eld shoited as they were all shcoked to see Akame no more

"Eren!Head back to Levi Heichou at top speed!We will deal with the Femqle Titan!"Petra ordered

"But!-"Eren was cut off

"No buts!You trusted us didn't you!"Petra said and Eren nodded

"But the Female Titan just Sent Corporal Akame flying!You might die!"Eren said

"No!Just go!If you ever disobey me I will cut you down with my blades!"Oluo said and Eren nodded gliding away

"Let's take down that bitch"Eld said

"I have to repay Corporal Akame,she saved me from the Female Titan earlier..."Gunther said

"Tch,This Titan hurt Corporal Akame!"Oluo said

"Why is Corporal Akame so weak that she lost to this Titan?"Petra asked as the 4 of them continuesly attacked the Female Titan

First they blinded her,she couldn't see both her eyes were regenerating,this bought them time they started attacking but when Eld was about to attack her

Eld was abut ot get bitten in half by the Female Titan if only,Akame didn't come flying!

Akame pushed Eld out of the wah which Made the Female Titan eat air

"Corporal Akame!"Gunther said in surprise once more

"You're alive?!"Petra asked

"Yeah,now go with Eren leave her to me"Akame said

"No!Earlier you were hit by her,now we will kill her!"Oluo said,the 4 of them continued to attack the titan

When Gunther was about to get hit by the Titan's Hand,Akame came and saved him again

Then Petar was next,she was gliding by the tree,when Akame sensed the Female Titanw as about to step on Petra

She quickly dashed to Petra and save dher before she was killed

Next was Oluo,He fired his graphling hooks on the Female Titan's Nape thinking it was hit chance,but when the Female Titan grabbed the graphling hooks,Oluo was almost killed

If only Akame didn't cut the hooks

"Now you've seen what happened!Run back to Erwin leave it to me!"Akame shouted and they respectfully obeyed terrified by the fact that they almost died

"And you.....Since you attempted to kill all 4 of them....I'll take the pleasure of killing you"Akame said a dangerous glint in her red eyes making it more scarier as she approached the Female Titan

She quickly attacked the Female Titan and continuesly attacked her with her cursed blade,the Murasame

As the Female Titan felt the poison coming in from all directions,she was up on a sittting position leaning on a tree,feeling and appearing helpless against the emotioness Corporal Akame Strauss

"Never....Mess with me.."Akame said

"It's a One Slice,Certian Death world afterall....."Akame said as she prepared herMurasame,ready to strike from above,since the Female Titanw as still helpless before her

She quickly backflipped from the air and striked the titan,The Female Titan let out a loud scream,which was heard by Erwin,Levi and Even Mikasa and the rest who were in the front of the forest entrance

"I guess it's time for me to go back now..."Akame said as she glided tree to tree heading for her way back to Levi and the others


Levi was worried,Gunther,Eld,Eren and Oluo had reported Levi about how Akame was hit by the Female Titan,How she saved all of Squad Levi from their own near death experiences

And still hasn't returned to Base as of now,Levi was worried and the negative thoughts the other soldiers spoke of Akame only made it worse

"What if,Corporal Akame was eaten by the Female Titan?!"Eren said in shock and scared

That was then when they heard the Female Titan's Loud Scream

"I doubt,Akame got killed,hear that?"Erwin said

"It sounds like a victory for Humanity!"Hanji continued,soon as the Titan's Loud Scream went off

There,arrived Akame who was walking,her Murasame still has a few split bloods

"So...I'm guessing you caused that loud scream earlier?"Erwin asked

"Yeah....I paid the Female Titan back for trying to kill Levi's Special Operations Squad..."Akame said shrugging as she sheathed her sword

"Corporal Akame!Thank you so much for saving me!I owe you my life!"Gunther shouted as he saluted to Akame

"No need for that,Gunther.."Akame chuckled a little Making all the guys blush

'S-She's cute when she chuckles......' All the guys thought

"But seriously......We should go back in the Walls now..But it won't be easy in this place.."Akame said as she walked ahead

"Afterall.....This is a once slice,certain death world..."Akame said turning back her sword visibly seen,no one could deny the fact that she looked cool and awesome while saying thse words

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