She Returns......

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Her body was tired and exhausted but still.....

She rose up with a small groan as she lifted her sword and struck it to the ground to lift herself up

"Ugh...What happened?.."She asked herself as she looked around her surroundings

"Oh yeah....."She said as realization hit her

She looked at the surrounding dead titan's bodies around her,all 50 of them,all killed by her

After the past 2 years,since the Unforgettable Expedition happened,Akame was eaten by a Titan who caught her off-guard as she killed the other titans

She was swallowed whole,that was the exact time when her Squad returned to check on her,failing to see her,they assumed she was dead

But after a few minutes,She broke out from the titan's Stomach by cutting through it

And she continuesly fought the titans to their death,but then she continuesly was eaten and broke out of the titan

That cycle continued for over the past 2 years until,almost all 50 titans attacked her

"Hm...Still got Gas,I can climb up the walls with these"She said as she struck the 3DMG to the wall and climbed up

A Soldier who was guarding the walls saw the wire stuck to the Wall and curiously peeked over to see the culprit

"Who is it?!Show yourself!You've got a lot of nerve,busting up these walls without permission!Bastard!You're going to jail for this!"The soldier shouted as he awaited the culprit

Jet-black hair and red eyes were what he first saw as the woman glided to the wall

Her familiar black sleeveless mini-dress with a white collar and red tie,red belt and a red skirt cover,the red gauntlets and gloves and black shoes caught his attention

Especially his eyes widened when he saw the Survey Corps Jacket on her,and the emblem of the Wings of Freedom

"C-C-Corporal Akame!You-You're alive!"The soldier said with a terrified voice as he saluted to her

"Nevermind that....Wait...'I'm Alive' I never died"Akame said narrowing her eyes at him

"Actually,Two years ago from the 50th Expedition of the Survey Corps,you were reported to be missing when Your Squad couldn't find you assumed you were eaten"The soldier explained

"I see....I'll be going to Headquarters"Akame said as she walked to The Survey Corps headquarters,leaving the soldier stunned.

"Wow......Corporal Akame looks as gorgeous as before"The soldier said to himself in Awe,As Akame arrrived at the Headquarters no one was there

"They must be in the Mess Hall"Akame said as she walked to the Mess Hall she burst through the door with a loud sound

"I'm back"Akame said with her usual blunt voice

"Oi!Who do you think you ar-"Jean suddenly stopped mid-sentence as he saw Akame walk past him

Her jet-black hair waving in the process,Jean felt the same thing he felt when Mikasa passed by him,but only it was stronger

"B-Beautiful..."Jean whispered with a blush,Akame turned to look at him revealing her red eyes

"B-Beautiful...Red eyes..."Jean whispered

"What?.."Akame asked turning to Jean

"N-Nothing!I-I just said that you're....gorgeous.."Jean blushed,Akame ignored him and walked

"Who are you?"Ymir asked

"You don't know me?.."Akame asked and Ymir shaked her head

"I see.....You must all be new recruits.."Akame whispered to herself

"Connie!Go call Squad Leader Hanji or Commander Erwin!Tell then that an infiltrator has infiltrated the Headquarters!"Sasha whispered and Connie obeyed

"Like I said Erwin!I need new titans to experiment on!"Hanji said,Erwin only sighed

"Our last capture was 50 Years ago!"Hanji added

"C-Commander Erwin!A stranger has infiltrated the Mess Hall!"Connie said

"What?!"Erwin said with an alarmed tone

"Let's check it out"Hanji said as Erwin nodded

"Who do you think it is?"Erwin asked

"No idea...."Hanji shrugged

"When things go dangerous call Levi"Erwin said and Hanji nodded as they arrived back to the Mess Hall

"Where's the inflitrator?!"Hanji shouted upon entering the Mess Hall

A Woman with Jet-Black hair,familiar black mini-sleeveless dress with white collar and red tie,a red belt and a red skirt cover,Gauntlets and gloves and black shoes and Red eyes turned around and faced Hanji and Erwin

"A-Akame?......I-Is that You?!"Hanji shouted both Hanji and Erwin's eyes widened upon seeing the woman they have never seen after 2 good years

"Mike..."Erwin nodded to Mike as Mike sniffed Akame

Mike turned to Erwin and nodded,she was indeed the same Akame back from 2 years ago

"Erwin,Hanji and of course...Mike"Akame said as Hanji quickly dashed to her and gave her a bone-crushing hug

"W-We....We thought you were dead!"Hanji shouted

"But....I wasn't..."Akame said

"Hanji......Call Levi"Erwin commanded

"Ah!Shorty!"Hanji beamed with excitement as she left Akame and dashed to Levi

"Shorty!Shorty!Open up!"Hanji continuesly shouted and banged on Levi's door

"What the fuck do you want now Shit-Glasses!?"Levi shouted opening the door

"She's back..."Hanji said with a smile

"Who?"Levi's eyebrows ceased up pondering who was back

"........Akame...."Hanji said,Levi's eyes widened

"You better not be joking about this,Shit-Glasses"Levi said as he quickly left his office and to the Mess Hall,As he arrived he saw cadets gathering on one table

At the head of the table was..........Akame,beside her was Erwin and Mike,Levi's eyes widened

'Akame......She's alive.....' Levi was happy in his mind,knowing his loved one was alive

"N-No way!You're the Legendary Corporal Akame Strauss?!"Eren said

"Yeah..."Akame said

"By the way......Erwin....Where's my Squad?I'm pretty sure I let them escape from the titans 2 years ago,I'm sure none of them were harmed or died too"Akame said

"Oh....about your Squad...."Erwin trailed off looking at Hanji with a Nervous look on his face

He looked hesitant to say Akame about what happened to her sqaud

"You see......Akame.....Your Squad....."Hanji,too,Trailed off

What happened to them?"Akame asked looking at both Hanji and Erwin's hesitant look

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