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"Akame!It's terrible!"Christa screamed as she ran up to Akame along with Ymir,Mikasa,Hanji,Sasha and Petra

"Why?What happened?"Akame asked with a serious face

"The guys got kidnapped!"Hanji said,There was a moment of silence,Akame had a poker face on [THE UPPER LEFT ONE ON THE PIC]

"Who?"Akame asked

"Um....Levi Heichou,Commander Erwin,Oluo,Eld,Gunther,Armin,Connie and Even Eren,Jean,Reiner and Bertholdt"Sasha informed

"I was about to ask Levi Heichou when I saw them get kidnapped by men and pushed in a carriage!"Petra said

Akame bent down and inspected the trail of carriage on the dirt

"Hanji,Get the Your Squad,And follow the carriage's trail"Akame commanded as Hanji quickly spun off

"How dare they take Eren away from me...."Mikasa said a mad and deadly aura surrounding her

"Don't worry,Mikasa,I'll bring Eren back to you safely,I promise"Akame said

"Thank you,Akame-San"Mikasa said

Soon enough,They followed the dirt trail and found their hideout,Hanji,Sasha and Mikasa with Christa,Ymir and Petra were all at the entrance of the hideout hiding

"You guys guard over here,I'll deal with the culprit"Akame said clicking her trigger and gliding to the top where she found the guys tied up

"Sorry to intrude,but you kidmapped my friends and I'm not gomna let you get away with th-"Akame cut herself off as she saw the current situation

With only their pants on their shirts were disguarded and their upper body was revealed

There she found a red haired woman licking Levi's body......A very dangerous mission indeed........

But Akame......

"PFTTTTT!!!!Holy Shit!HAHAHAHAHA"Akame was laughing she got the girl's attention

"Who are you?"The girl questioned letting go of Levi,as Levi 'tched'

"W-Well,You kidnapped my friends and I need them back so.....Can you....Pfft,Stop licking them please?"Akame said trying her best not to laugh

"No,I,Lydia Hartman,will be keeping them forever"Lydia declared

"Why-Why are you doing this?"Akame asked still trying her best not to laugh at the guys

"Well men are stupid creatures who think that women are objects and can rape them all they want,so I'm giving them a taste of their own medicine"Lydia said

"PFFTTT!!!HOLY-HAHAHAHAHAHA"Akame still couldn't stop herself from laughing so hard,the guys were already rolling their eyes

"Are you mocking me?!?"Lydia yelled trying to act tough as she pulled out a purple katana

"You're an idiot,If you think raping every men in this world would ever stop it,then I suggest you surrender yourself to me,before I actually hurt you"Akame shrugged

"Never!"Lydia shouted running towards Akame with the katana

"As I said,It's useless if you try to go against me"Akame said as she pulled her Murasame out and blocked Lydia's katana with ease

"Nevermind!I already have an army"Lydia said,she snapped her fingers and 5 girls with purple Katana's all came out circling Akame

They all ran towards her,thinking they already out numbered her,But Akame jumped and slashed them

"I don't wish to kill anymore than necessary,so can you let them go?"Akame said to Lydia

"No!Never!I'll do anything to prove my point!"Lydia growled running to Akame,Akame got her Murasame ready to pierce poor Lydia's heart

As she neared,Akame did a backflip and while Lydia was too slow,Akame had pointed her Murasame to Lydia's neck ready to strike until-

"Wait!Akame!Don't kill her!"Hanji said

"Why?"Akame asked retreating as she kicked Lydia down on the ground and stepped on her to prevent her from coming back up

"She's a valuable witness!If you kill her then we won"t be able to report everything that happened!"Hanji said

"Fine"Akame said pulling out handcuffs and cuffing Lydia's hand behind her back,As Hanji tokk Lydia inside the carriage to be given to the Military Police

Akame walked towards the 11 guys that were kidnapped and cut down the ropes the tied them down

"Thanks"Erwin said

"Great.Now put your clothes on.Nasties"Akame said

"Noo!!!You can't get in the way of my goal!"Lydia shouted as she was being taken away by Hanji

Akame burst out laughing


"So what happened in there?"Mikasa asked as Akame and the guys walked out of the building

"Some girl was raping them"Akame replied

"What?!Are you kidding me?!"Ymir shouted

"No,You should've went with me!It was funny!"Akame said

"No,it wasn't,She waslaughing the whole time"Levi said hitting Akame's head

"Ow..."Akame whined holding her head
Akame sat on top of the carriage where Lydia is supposed to be put in,as the guys were talking with the others

As Hanji was bringing in Lydia,who was handcuffed Lydia glared at Akame

"It's all your fault!YOU!"Lydia said growling at Akame

"Please....You can't do anything now"Akame said as she sat on top of the carriage

"I'll show you!I'll rape everyone in this world!"Lydia shouted at Akame

"HOLY SHIT!Is that some villain catchphrase of yours?!That's amazing!"Akame shouted as she laughed nearly falling off the carriage

"Akame!Just shut up!"Erwin shouted embarassed

"It wasn't very funny for us.....Akame-san..."Bertholdt said

"Well....Thanks for saving us,I guess.....Even though you were mostly laghung at us"Jean said

"Tch.You sure are lively today"Levi said smacking Akame's head

"Ow....How could you!I saved your ass Levi!"Akame shouted as Levi walked away before giving Akame a bump on her forehead

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