Bishamon's Regalia

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Yuri getting into a fit with Bishamon or Yuri framing Akame to Bushamon and Bishamon fights with Akame

"And when a Regalia dies the Gods know it,even if they're not there to witness it or even if there's too many Regalia's she Knows,especially Bishamon who's very alert"Akame said

"So...One of her Regalia's died?"Erwin asked

"Yes,she wants me to investigate about it"Akame said

"She said that Suzuha was killed here,in the Lower Realms..."Akame trailed off

"Lower Realms?"Oluo asked

"Oh,for the Gods they have their owns Places,and Bishamon's Shrine is in Takamahagara,in short Heaven the Land where we are is Called the Lower Realms where we humans reside"Akame explained

"She said that Suzuha takes care of a cherry tree that is close at our HQ"Akame said

"Ah,It must be that old Cherry Tree over there"Erwin pointed outside

"He must've been killed"Akame said

"Even if they're dead they can still be killed?"Levi asked

"They're Regalia's so yes"Akame answered

Since that day,Akame started investigating about the death of Suzuha,Bishamon's Regalia

What she didn't know is about Yuri....

"I've researched about that Bishamon,since I figured I can lead her to kill Akame for me,I found out that she's a God and she has thousands of Regalia's...One of her Regalia's go here and take care of a cherry blossom tree...Now where is that tree?.."Yuri mumbled to herself walking outside the HQ of The Survey Corps

"Ah!There it is!"Yuri said pointing a tree where a guy is mending it

'Okay keep calm,if he asks about you pretend you're a regalia and kill him when he's not looking!' Yuri said in her mind as she sat beside the guy silently

"Hi"The guy spoke

"Hi!My name is Yuri!What's yours?"Yuri faked a smile holding out her hand for a shake

"Suzuha,I'm a Regalia...Are you a Regalia too?"Suzuha said

"Yup!"Yuri lied

"So who's the God that you serve?"Suzuha asked

"Oh-I-Uhm,I serve the Gami God?..."Yuri said making up a name

"I've never heard of that God before,But my God is very popular and well-known!"Suzuha beamed smiling at her

"I serve Lady Bishamon!The ultimate God of War!"Suzuha grinned with his eyes closed

'Bingo...Now all I have to do is kill him and them my job is done' Yuri thought as she took out a knife from her pocket

"You know...I've been taking care of this cherry tree for years,My friend made a promise,we carved it here,when I was once alive,But she never remembered"Suzuha said as he stood up facing the tree as Yuri was behind him

"You're dead,she'll never remember you...Even your own Master forgot you,She hasn't called your name in years,you will never be remembered by anyone ever again...'Yuri whispered to him as she stabbed him

A single tear rolled down Suzuha's cheeks as he died silently

Back in Bishamon's place,Bishamon suddenly arose from her slumber panting heavily clutching her chest

Kazuma who was watching over her alarmedly went to Bishamon's aid

"Veena!What's wrong?!"Kazuma asked sitting down beside Bishamon

"A-A name is gone!One of my Regalia's died!"Bishamon said with wide eyes

"Who?..."Kazuma asked

"I dreamt...Of naming a boy who liked flowers"Bishamon said

"Flowers....Suzuha!He was a florist/Gardener before he died!"Kazuma said

"Suzuha....His name indeed is gone,It was Suzuha who died"Bishamon said

Flashback end

"I was right..There was a storm here.."Akame said as she paced around the cherry tree where she was informed Suzuha took care of

"Suzuha?...Tomoko?"Akame read the names that were carved into the tree out loud

"I knew it,My guess was right afterall"Akame said

"Suzuha took care of this tree because his friend made a promise with him here when he was alive,ever since that day he died he's been taking care of this tree for centuries..."Akame said

"I've got to tell Bisha about this!"Akame hurriedly went back to HQ

"Tch,She's sniffing me out"Yuri said as she hid behind a tree glaring at Akame's retreating figure

"Woah!Calm down!"Erwin said,Akame rushed inside the Mess Hall where everyone was eating when Akame barged in asking Erwin for permission

"Please!It's important!I found out about Suzuha!"Akame cried out

"Fine"Erwin said

'Oh no!She's about to tell Bishamon!I've got to stop her!' Yuri cried out in her mind as she blocked Akame's way when she was about to exit

"You can't go!"Yuri shouted

"And why not?.."Akame eyed her suspiciously

"Uhm-Because the Military Police informed me that 3 Kids went missing!And they were last seen in Wall Rose!"Yuri cried out,which was a lie

"What?...Akame...I'm sorry but you have to go and save those kids,you can tell Bishamon about it later"Erwin said

"Tch....Fine"Akame glard at Yuri before walking away to Wall Sina to save the kids

Yuri sighed,and inside she smirked

'Alright,my job's done,The only thing left now is Kuguha to tell Bishamon that Akame killed her Regalia...' Yuri thought in her mind

She was working with a Traitor Nora and Regalia of Bishamon,Kuguha

At Bishamon's place

"Lady Bishamon!"Kuguha entered Bishamon's room in a panick

"Kuguha!What are you doing here?"Kazuma asked

"I've got information about Suzuha!"Kuguha said

"Tell me"Bishamon said

"He...-He as killed by Lance Corporal Akame of the Survey Corps!"Kuguha said

"Akame?!...That can't be!"Bishamon said

"And where did you get that information?.."Kazuma suspiciously asked Kuguha

"One of the Trainees in the Survey Corps,she said she was always watching Suzuha when he took care of the tree,and she said Lance Corporal Akame killed her"Kuguha lied

"I....Can't believe Akame,it was her all along!"Bishamon said

"And even back then!"Bishamon added

"Veena!Akame isn't your enemy!She's your savior!"Kazuma said

"That's not true!Now prepare!We're going to the Lower Realms!"Bishamon said standing up as she got ready to fight with her beloved sister,Akame

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