The Akagami,The Red God,Akame

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'No!Please!I beg of you!...They are only children...' Bishamon cried out as she watched her regalia's getting killed right infront of her,and the killer?..Her sister Akame

'My lady!Save us!'

'It hurts!Please save us!Lady Bishamon!'

'Please!Please!I beg of you!...They are my little ones,they are too fragile,they can't die yet!' Bishamon cried once more

But Akame payed no hindrance and attention to her plea's....She continued killing them,until Kazuma was the only one left

"Only me and Veena are the survivors of the Ma Clan,the rest...Were murdered by Akame"Kazuma said with a sad smile

"Ever since then,Veena never stopped crying"Kazuma added

'I can't handle it anymore!Kazuma!It hurts!It hurts so much!' Bishamon cried on Kazuma's lap

'My Lady,I am not worthy of your tears,we have disgraced you as your regalia's...You shall find Regalia's that will be loyal and faithful to you,who will serve you far better than we have....' Kazuma said to Bishamon

"No!I don't want this to happen again!You're all I need Kazuma!Don't leave me!I don't want any other Regalia's!' Bishamon cried

"Kazuma!We're going now!"Bishamon called out

"Coming!Veena!"Kazuma said,Then Bishamon walked to Akame

"Akame....I'm sorry,I didn't know Kuguha was the one behind all this"Bishamon said

"It's fine,Bisha,It's just like what happened with Esdeath"Akame chuckled

"Are you sure?"Bishamon asked with a worried face

"I think I injured you badly.."Bishamon said

"I'm fine,really,thanks for worrying I guess you have to go now"Akame chuckled as Bishamon walked away

"Akame....Thank you once again for saving Veena,I can never repay you for your kindness.."Kazuma said

"You can,Just promise me to never leave Bisha's side and protect her"Akame said

"That...I will"Kazuma smiled as he walked away with Bishamon

"So.....Mind explaining why you quit being a God?Akagami?"Hanji asked

"Ugh...Hanji I have no tim-"Akame stopped herself seeing everyone was curious

"No matter what you do I won't tell you"Akame crossed her arms

"Please?~"Everyone cooed giving her the puppy eyes

"It's not time for you to know about it yet!So until then wait!" Akame sneered everyone was taken aback since Akame's tone became harsher and more ruthless as if it wasn't Akame herself

Her eyes were cold,As if it was colder than ice itself,no feelings were to be seen,Akame closed her eyes once more and opened them

"Now if you'll excuse me,I'm off to bed~"This time Akame's tone was her normal sweet voice

"What was that about?"Eren asked

"It was as if it wasn't Akame herself..."Armin said

"Weird"Jean said

"We better not mess with her,for now we don't know about Akame's past"Erwin said

"There's still a lot to learn about Akame..."Levi said as he sighed following Akame to their room

'Why....Does It feel like I'm losing my strength...?' Akame suddenly questioned herself staring at her bloody hands holding her blade as she just killed another 10-Meter Class Titan

'Why do I feel so different,Why..Am I weak?' Akame questioned more and more she didn't realize but she was getting pretty depressed

'Why can't I...Even kill these titans?..' Akame questioned once more

"Good job!Akame!"Eren praised patting Akame on her back as they just got back from the Expedition,But Akame didn't pay attention

"Un..."Akame nodded with a small whisper as she walked away to Night Raid's HQ

'Why?...I can't even protect Sheele..'Akame questioned as she stared at her Murasame,She was out on a job along with Lubbock

Killing Soldiers who were selling Military Weapons to the Black Market,that was their mission for today,and Akame was sent out with her bestfriend Lubbock

As Akame finished killing a soldier,she stared at her Murasame where the soldier's blood was stained on

"Akame!Look out!"Lubbock said from behind her as he killed a soldier who snuck up on Akame with his strings

"Akame!-Akame?...."Lubbock stared at Akame who was staring into nothingness

'I'm so weak....I even need Lubba to protect me..' Akame thought once more with a dull expression

"Lubba..."Akame called out to Lubbock facing him

"Akame?..."Lubbock called back at her,No one knows but Lubbock has hidden feelings for Akame,afterall he was Akame's Childhood Bestfriend he was her bestfriend even before she joined Night Raid they were a tandem

"Am I....Weak?"Akame asked

"What?!Why would you think that?!"Lubbock said facing her,his green locks swaying with the wind

"You're strong!-We might be weak as one,but when the two of us are combined we are strong!You know that Akame!"Lubbock said

"Back in the old days!-Why don't we team up again?.."Lubbock asked

"Lubba....You're right-I'm much stronger when I'm teamed up with you"Akame smiled at Lubbock

"Akame...."Lubbock whispered Akame's name as his emerald green orbs locked with Akame's blood red ones

"That's right...I only have to kill them.."Akame said as she killed the soldiers one by one with such great brute force

"Akame...I think that's too much?.."Lubbock said seeing Akame go on a rampage

"There they are!Night Raid!"The soldiers ran to Akame and Lubbock as Lubbock amd Akame stood back to back equipped with their weapons

Lubbock was once known by the name of Lubbock the Stringer of Night Raid,Because his Imperial Arm is a string

However it might be a string but he is powerful

"Back to old times?"Lubbock smirked at Akame

"Back to old times"Akame assured smirking back at Lubbock as they stood back to back on guard against the soldiers

"You attack I'll defend just like the old days!"Lubbock smiled as he proceeded to defend Akame and attack the soldiers with his strings

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