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"She said it was love at first sight as she spotted that blonde guy"Erza continued

"She later captured him and tried to make him hers,But failed....She became broken-hearted after finding out that he came from the same organization that killed her Group"Erza said

"She later found out too,that he was inlove with her sister...And that was Akame,she was enraged,that was until she challenged Akame to a fight"Erza continued

"Not a fight as sisters,but a fight as Enemies,If you were there you'd never expected that they were sisters by the way they were fighting,since they are enemies by the name of their Groups,For Night Raid,Esdeath has always been considered their enemy and that was the same with Esdeath"Erza continued on and on

"Until,Esdeath became enraged and turned it to a battle to death,In the end Akame ended up almost killing her if it weren't for Bisha and me"Erza said

"We arrived in time and stopped them,He was also there at that time,he died,Since he took a heavy blow from Esdeath in order to protect Akame"Erza said

"Akame would never admit it but he was her first love,and he returned the same feelings,Although Esdeath never gave up on him"Erza said

Levi became intrigued after hearing about Akame's first love,jealousy flowed through his veins

"Akame stopped before she could throughly kill her beloved sister,Esdeath took one last loving look at the man she once loved before Akame and Esdeath forgave each other"Erza said

"And with that they ended their war,and returned to being sisters,but the damage inflicted by Esdeath still remains as a scar to Akame,the same reason she can't unleash 100% Of her strength"Erza finished

"That....Was amazing"Hanji said

"I have one question though"Armin asked

"Hm?"Erza asked

"Who is that guy that Esdeath-san and Akame-san both loved and fought over?"Armin asked

"That man was no other than.......Heiwajima Shizuo"Erza said

"Oi!Erza!We're heading back!"Bishamon shouted

"Coming right behind you!"Erza shouted back

"By Sis,Love you,Hope we see each other soon"Akame waved goodbye to her sisters before walking off to Levi and the others

"What's so shocking?"Akame asked them seeing as they were gaping at Akame with wide eyes

"N-Nothing!"Eren said

"Erza...Told you about me didn't she?"Akame sighed

"Yeah she did..."Hanji said

"A truly shocking information indeed"Erwin said

"Look,It happened years ago"Akame reasoned out

"I never knew you fell inlove with someone!"Hanji squealed

"Me either!"Christa said

"So she told you about how Esdeath and I fought over Shizuo?"Akame asked

"Yes she did"Levi answered

"Mind telling us the whole story?"Mike said

"Okay look,I didn't know that is was Esdeath who led the Jaegers,And I never knew that she was the woman that Shizuo told me he found creepy"Akame said

"And neither did I know that Shizuo was inlove with me!"Akame said

"I'm going to bed,Levi?"Akame asked as she sighed in defeat

"Coming"Levi said

"Oh well,head to bed everyone"Erwin commanded

Akame plopped down on the bed as soon as they reached Levi's room

"So...Heiwajima Shizuo was it?"Levi asked as he hugged Akame from behind his husky and hot breath flowing over Akame's neck as they laid in bed

"Look,That was about 5-10 Years ago,I'm not inlove with him anymore...I'm inlove with you"Akame said

"And what's this scar I've heard about that you gained from Esdeath?"Levi asked as he lifted her shirt up

Seeing a huge scar from below her breast to half way to her left hip,Making Levi gape at it

"She....Was blinded by rage at that time,so she couldn't remember anything about it,We decided not to tell her because it might confuse her"Akame said shyly

"Was it a tough fight?"Levi asked

"Yeah...Esdeath,Is very powerful you know,about 10 times that Female Titan combined"Akame said

"So I knew that day that I wouldn't defeat her without being inflicted with a scar as big as this"Akame said

"You're still beautiful even with this scar"Levi said

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