Kill the Little Sister

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After taking Akame back to Levi's Office,all headed for sleep

"Levi....You awake?.."Akame's vulnerable and sweet voice was heard by Levi

"Yeah.....You can't sleep huh?.."Levi answered

"I-I.....Tomorrow's the day....Kurome,She.....She wants to fight me...."Akame said snuggling closer to Levi's warm chest

"Shh....It's okay...You're a strong woman aren't You,Akame?"Levi cooed calming her down

"It's okay....Remember,I'll always be here for you,now go to sleep,we have an Expedition tomorrow"Levi said

"......I love you....Levi..."Akame said

"I love you too,Akame..."Levi said kissing Akame passionately in her lips before drifting off to Sleep
The Next Day,Everyone everyhting readied for the Expedition

Akame,Erwin,Mike,Hanji and Levi all on their horses ready to go outside the Walls with each of their Squads

"The Gates will open in 30 Seconds!"Erwin shouted,soon the Gates opened and everyone galloped through the Gates

Soon after galloping not many Soldiers were lost they stayed in an abandones Town

"Soon head for South,The Rear guard in the back,and Levi's Special Operations Saua din the Middle,with Akame's Squad behind them"Erwin directed to the soldier as the soldier saluted and took off

"Like I said,Erwin!We need to capture a titan alive!So that Humanity can take a step forward!"Hanji argued

"No,Like I said Hanj—"Erwin cut himself off as he saw Akame in the doorstep

".....Erwin....Can we stay here a little longer?"Akame asked

"Is it time?..."Erwin asked both had very serious faces

"I....Have to go meet her"Akame said

"Go....We'll follow behind you"Erwin said

"I'll be off then"Akame said and walked away with her Murasame

"Call Levi and Akame's Squad"Erwin directed

As Akame was walking through a trail of forests,even though she was in titan territory she wasn't falted even a little all she could think off was her sister

Erwin,Hanji,Levi,Mike,Armin,Mikasa,Eren,Connie,Sasha,Reiner,Bertholt and even Moblit,Christ,Ymir,Oluo,Eld,Gunther,Petra and Jean were on the sidelines watching as they saw Akame walk inside a deformed and damaged Church

As Akame was inside in the very middle of the church,a small figure hopped down the table

"I knew you'd come.....Onee-chan.."Kurome said emergiing and showing her face from the shadows to the lights

She had short black hair each on her side of the shoulder and black eyes,eating a pack of pocky,with a smile on her face

"Kurome..."Akame said

"Do you want any?."Kurome asked offering her pocky

Akame nodded,soon Both Akame and Kurome were eating pocky sitting on a bench in the Church,As Erwin and the others were only listening in the sidelines

It was pure dead silence,each eating a pocky looking at the distance in the darkness of the night

"In the past.....We were reunited in this place..."Kurome broke the silence

"And the place where you also betrayed us..."Kurome continued

"I can't think of a more fitting place for me to kill you.."Kurome added

"It's nostalgic......You've always protected me..."Kurome continued rambling

"As children who had no relatives,we didn't belong anywhere but here..."Akame spoke

"Raised as assassins for the Empire,we were tasked with upholding public order by stopping any potential insurgency..."Akame said

"That what we were told and how we were raised...."Akame continued

"We obeyed our orders,killing those who'd wronged the empire,because we believed it was the right thing to do..."Akame continued

"We were finally reunited after being trained in separate divisions,simply because we needed to replace our fallen comrades...."Akame said

"After that we were always together.."Kurome continued

Almost as if we were reliving our childhood..."Akame continued

"We were the best Squad of Assassins...."Kurome spoke

"Some missions were painful,but because we were together we managed"Kurome continued

"As long as I was with you,I was happy..."Kurome said

"But you.......But You.....But you....You betrayed the empire and joined Night Raid!"Kurome shouted

"Why?....I tried to stop you!"Kurome continued

"After you left me,I was miserable,I thought about you everyday..."Kurome sais

Now both Akame and Kurome were standing,Facing each other

"About how I was going to kill you....."Kurome said

"If you kill me,will you find peace?..."Akame asked

"There is no peace,I just want to be the kne who does it,so that you'll belong to me"Kurome said smirking a bit holding her sword infront of her slowly removing it's sheath

Bringing out two of her dead puppets,Then Kurome coughed out blood

"Using your Imperial Arms takes an enormous amount of energy,It's agonizing isn't it?I'll help you feel better..."Akame said pulling out her Cursed Blade,Murasame and pointing it to Kurome

Kurome looked up at Akame and darkly laughed

"Let's kill each other....Onee-chan"Kurome said pointing her Cursed Blade,Mufasa at Akame

Akame jumped out of the window of the church,smashing the windows and glasses,Kurome jumoed up behidn her and slashed two times,but missed since Akame had dodged

One of Kurome's puppets ran up to Akame and fired two shots of bullets at Akame,Akame gritted her teeth and slashed them down with her Murasame dodging the bullets

Akame slashed the girl,but the girl had retreated,the other puppet came up from the other side striking Akame ith a long blade

Akame dashed away,Keeping her hand kn the ground to stop her from being Pushed back as she looked at her back

Kurome attacked from behind with her sword,Which Akame countered with her Murasame,Kurome backflipped and landed a few meters away from Akame

She dashed forward and both Akame and Kurome's swords clasehed against each others

"Why did you betray our Squad?!"Kurome asked Akame as she pushed the sword since their sword was clashed against each others

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