Back To Her Old Self

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Lubbock and Akame running ona arampage as they find out akame returns to her former selfs who always says i'll inly kill it

"Oi,Shit-Glasses!Have you seen Akame?"Levi questioned Hanji

"Ehhh?..Why does it matter?You're not together with her anymore are you?Shorty?"Hanji said

"Tch"Levi clicked his tongue

"Ask Erwin,I have no idea,I was busy experimenting titans alll dayyy!"Hanji said

"Oi,Erwin where's Akame?"Levi asked

"I was informed she went to Night Raid"Erwin said

"I'm going there"Levi said walking away

"That....Was pretty much fun"Lubbock smiled walking up next to Akame

"I forgot,I'm weak when I'm only one,but with you Lubba...We're strong"Akame smiled at him

"Akame....Let's..."Lubbock trailed off holding Akame's hands in his

"Let's?.."Akame asked

"Let's...Team up once again?.."Lubbock asked

"Wait-That's wrong let me change it again!"Lubbock luaghed awkwardly

"Will you team up with me again?"Lubbock asked

"Of course I will!"Akame said happily jumping into Lubbock's arms

'I really....Love you,I can't hold it in,but I guess...I'll endure it for now...' Lubbock thought as he hugged Akame

"Najenda!Where's Akame?!"Levi stormed in Night Raid's Base along with Erwin

"Oh!Lance Corporal Levi Ackerman and Commander Erwin Smith!"Najenda acknowledged them both nodding her heads at them

"Well?.."Erwin asked

"Oh!I sent Akame out on a mission"Najenda replied nonchantly

"When will she be back?"Levi asked

"Meh,You can wait for her here I guess"Najenda shrugged her shoulders

"So...What was her mission?"Erwin asked and Najenda's faced turned serious

"I found out some soldiers were selling Military Police Weapons to the Black Market so I got Akame and Lubbock assassinate them"Najenda said

"Military Police?!"Erwin said

"Guess they're shits too"Levi said

"Naaaajendaaaa-sannnn~"Lubbock singsonged strolling inside casually with Akame trailing right behind him

"Oh!Lubba!And Akame too you're back!"Najenda said smiling

"I've got great news!"Lubbock said

"What is it?"Najenda asked

"Akame and I...Teamed up together again,Just like old times!"Lubbock said hugging Akame

"Ehem.."Erwin coughed making Akame and Lubbock realize Erwin and Levi were there too

"Ah,Lance Corporal Levi and Commander Smith!"Lubbock saluted to them

"Teamed up?What does this mean?"Erwin asked

"That means Akame and I-"Lubbock was cut off

"I won't go on any expeditions or go back to the Survey Corps without Lubba!We've teamed up!"Akame said

"So?..What's your choice?Commander~Erwin~Smith?.."Najenda singsonged

"Fine...I guess we can take him too,But we won't be responsible if he dies"Erwin said

"Oh,I'm oretty sure he won't"Najenda laughed

"Lubba,is one of our strongest Assassin placing right next to Akame herself,He has a pretty strong imperial arm too,plus when teamed up with Akame they're a lot stronger"Najenda said

"Then we can benefit from that as well"Erwin said

Levi walked to the Mess Hall,expecting to See Akame and eat with her,but instead

He saw Akame laughing and eating meat right beside Lubbock,Levi gritted his teeth

'Tch...' Levi thought as he turned back and walked away

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