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Later that night Akame and Levi were both in bed

"Hey,Akame,I've got a question"Levi said

"Go ahead"Akame said

"How were you able to stop my Squad earlier?"Levi asked

"Oh,about my Murasame?"Akame said

"Yeah,what is with that sword of yours?"Levi asked

"Truth is...My Murasame is a very dangerous sword"Akame said

"How?"Levi asked

"Once you are hit or even scratched by it,poison will enter your body,and there is no cure for it,actually there is one....But that cure is optional"Akame said

"What's the cure?"Levi asked

"I kiss them"Akame said bluntly

"What?!"Levi shouted springing up

"Yeah,I sip the poison out"Akame said lifting her Murasame and removing the sheath

Levi took hold of the Murasame and inspected it,accidentally cutting his lip in the process
"What the?.."Levi said as he felt poison entering his body

"Levi!"Akame said,quickly grabbing Levi's collar and smashing her lips to his,she sipped the poison out and Levi immediately felt no pain entering his body,But he felt Akame's warm lips on his,Soon Akame pulled away coughing

"Jeez....I just told you to be careful!You're lucky I was here!"Akame scolded him

"Yeah,Yeah....Just sleep,and thank you"Levi said as he turned his back on Akame and Akame slept

Levi held his Shirt where his heart is,a blush appearing on his face as he remembered how Akame kissed his lips

"How...Are you able to make me feel this way?..."Levi asked one last question but Akame was already asleep

"I.....Love you"Levi whispered

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