The Unforgettable Expedition

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The Unforgettable Expedition......

At the Survery Corps.....We all know there is two Corporals.....Corporal Levi Ackerman and the other one is.......Corporal Akame Strauss.....

Akame Strauss,a Corporal with long Black Hair,and blood-red eyes,She is also known for her suspicious,sword

Akame has a sword,always strapped to her waist,she seldomly wears the designated uniform and instead wears a black top and skirt with black boots a red tie sometimes when on an expedition a black coat too and the Survey Corps Jacket

She's blunt,and sometimes mean but still,Levi had secret feelings for her,everyone noticed it by his unusual actions around her but Akame being too dense didn't have a single clue

They were outside of the Walls going on their expedition,until something unexpected happened.....All of the Squad Leaders were separated each with their teams

"Corporal Levi!Commander Erwin and Squad Leader Hanji is at the south!"Gunther reported

"Let's go"Levi said with his usual icy cold voice

'Tch,Where is Akame?' Levi thought in his mind

"Gunther!Any reports of Corporal Akame?"Levi asked as they galloped on their way to Erwin and Hanji

"No sir!"Gunther replied

"I see...."Levi said

Soon they reached Erwin and Hanji

"Where's Akame?"Levi asked

"No one has seen her yet,but her Squad will be returning right now"Erwin said

"Commander Erwin!Corporal Akame's Squad has returned!"Eld said

"Commander Erwin!It's terrible!"Tokha cried out

"What happened?"Erwin asked

"We were surrounded by an abnormally large number of titans!Most of our Squad were caught because of the number maybe about fifteen,And some were injured!"Arthur said

"And Corporal Akame!She ordered us to go back to you and she fought all 15 alone!"Tokha cried

"Where is she now?"Levi asked

"We don't know!After we figured that the attack was finished all there were,were bodies of dead titans and she was nowhere to be seen!"Run said

"So that means........Akame was eaten?"Erwin said

"What?!That's impossible Erwin!We all know that Akame is strong!She wouldn't be eaten.....By a.....Titan.."Hanji trailed off as Arthur showed her a red necktie which was torn in half

"Oh.....Gosh....It....Can't be real..."Hanji trailed off slowly taking in what Akame's Squad has just reported

"Levi...You can have it"Erwin said as Levi took the Necktie from Erwin's hands

"We'll prepare a Grave for her back in the Walls,Let's retreat for now,too many soldiers have been injured"Erwin ordered and they headed back to the walls

As they arrived murmurs and whispers were heard

"Look!It's Corporal Levi!"

"Where's Corporal Akame?"

As they reached the Headquarters Levi went to his office without a second to spare

"Lev-"Hanji was about to call Levi but Erwin stopped her

"It's okay,Leave him be Hanji,Afterall he loved her....."Erwin said

At Levi's office he was sitting in his chair gently caressing the red torn necktie in his hands

"If only......If only I knew!If only I stayed with you......You wouldn't have left this world"Levi whispered to himself as Tears rolled down his cheek

And that was how the tradegy started......After 2 good years

"Shorty!Where are you going?!"Hanji asked catching Levi in a black suit hopping on his black stallion

"Tch,none of your fucking business,Shit-Glasses"Levi sneered at Hanji

"Come on!Tell me!"Hanji said

"I'm going to town!"Levi said with an angry tone

"Kay!I'll inform Erwin!"Hanji said as she skipped away

Levi rode his horse and got to town,he stopped by a flower shop

"Lance Corporal Levi!"Fina The old store owner said in shock to see Humanity's Strongest Soldier at a Local Flower Shop in Town since mostly Levi isn't seen around town except when going on Expeditions

"I'd like a bouquet of White Lilies"Levi said

"For a special someone?"Fina asked with a smile

"Tch,That person's dead,I'll just be paying my respects to her"Levi said with his usual monotone,cold voice

"I see....I'm sorry for your loss,here"Fina said handing Levi the bouquet of White Lilies

"It's on the house"Fina said

Levi said his thanks,bid goodbye and went to the graveyard

He stopped by a certain tombstone,he looked pretty presentable,wearing a black suit amd holding a bouquet of White Lilies in his hands

'White Lilies were always her favourite kind....' Levi thought as he trailed his fingers on the carved name on the tombstone

"I still feel guilty,not saving you....Especially not being able to confess before you.....Died.....Akame"Levi said holding back tears as he kneeled and gently laid the White Lilies on the tomb

'Here lies Akame Strauss
A great soldier,Lance Corporal,Squad Leader and Friend....
Whose body was never found eaten by a Titan....'

That was what was written on the tomb,Since that Unforgettable Expedition,since Erwin never found the body they decided to make a tomb for her,even without the body

And of course it was approved for their high respects for a loss of a great soldier who fought bravely for Humanity

After a while,Levi couldn't hold it in,His tears were rolling down his cheeks continuesly as he grabbed the dirt shouting out hurtful screams from his loved one

"Told you he'd be going to her....."Hanji said

"Of course,Levi would,He always goes here on the 25th of December"Erwin said

"That's because that's Akame's Birthday,also the very first time Levi saw her,the first time Levi realized he has fallen for her too..."Hanji said

"Their birthdays were the same too huh?"Erwin said

"Yeah...Levi's birthday is on the 25th of December and so is Akame's,A perfect couple indeed if only....She hadn't......Died..."Hanji said

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