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Hanji giving akame a dirnk and she becomes a guy and levi rages pn hanji

"Mhm...-Akame?..."Levi woke up-Expecting to see his red-eyed lover next to him sleeping,But she wasn't there

"Where the fukc would she be?At the this she would still be sleeping..."Levi groaned as he sat up the bed,One of his hands holding his hair up as he tried to wake himself up

After getting dressed and ready he started making his way to the Mess Hall,Hoping Akame would be there as usual eating her favourite Meat

But as he opened the Mess hall,Akame was nowhere to be seen,But Erwin and Eren and even Squad Levi were there

Although 2 Certain someone were missing from the group-Levi narrowed his eyes looking for that Four-Eyes bit she was nowhere to be spotted

"Tch,That damned four-eyes must've asked Akame to do something again"Levi muttered under his breath as he sat down beside Erwin and Eren

"Erwin,Where's Four-Eyes?"Levi asked

"If I recall she was in her Office with Akame"Erwin said-After that he dashed to Hanji's office knowing what Hanji might've done

But as he opened the door to Hanji's office smoek greeted him,Smoke and coughs

"O-Oh!Hey,Shorty!What brings you here?"Hanji asked as she sweatdropped

"Oi,Four-Eyes what did you do to Akame?"Levi glowered

"N-Nothin?-"But then Hanji was cut off by a masculine voice

"H-Hanji?Where are you?"A masculine voice said as a guy with black hair and red eyes stepped out of the office,He was wearing the Survey Corps Uniform too

"And who are you?"Levi questioned raising his eyebrow at the guy and crossing his arms

"Akame Strauss,Who are you?"The guy answered back

"Akame Strauss...-You four-eyes!You turned Akame into a guy?!"Levi growled as he gripped Hanji's collar

"N-Now,Now,Shorty-I only had her test my new experiment well...And this is how it turned out"Hanji awkwardly laughed it off

"Oh my gosh,Levi?"Akame asked Levi

"Hanji!I'm a guy!What happened?!"A many,y scream came from Akame's mouth

"D-Don't worry,I'll do it again and turn you back into a girl,I promise!"Hanji said

"Now for the meantime go wait!"Hanji said as she pushed Akame out of her office and started making the medicine

"Now what?.."Akame groaned turning to Levi

"How can this happen?You're akready gorgeous as a Woman and as a man you're handsome?"Levi suddenly questioned

"Oh god...This is going to be a long day"Akame sighed face-palming herself

"Anyway,let's eat"Levi said as he and Akame started walking to the Mess Hall

"Wow,So Handsome!"

"Is he a new recruit?"

"Wow!I never knew we had someone as handsome as him here!"

"Hey,Levi-Wait,Who is he?"Erwin pointed to Akame who was beside Pevi and had a scolw on her face

"It's Akame"Levi deadpanned

"WHAT?!"Everyone shouted,even Eren spat out the water he was drinking

"That Shitty Four-Eyes made an experiment and made Akame drink something she made and she turned into a guy"Levi explained pointing towards Akame who was bside him

"But still-Akame you're handsome!"Sasha expclaimed

"Can't argue with that~"Christa chuckled

"How can this happen?!You're were already gorgeous as a woman and as a man you're even more handsome!?"Jean raged

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