The Expedition with the Strauss Sisters

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"Oiii!Akame!We missed you!"Esdeath shouted as the three sisters made their way to Akame

"Esdeath?..Bisha!And Erza too!"Akame said

"Are they your sisters?"Connie asked

"Yeah,they are,Oi come on introduce yourselves!"Akame nudged them

"I'm Bishamon Strauss,They call me God of War"Bishamon a gorgeous woman with long blonde hair and purple eyes said,boy was she gorgeous

"Esdeath Strauss,Called Ice Queen"A woman with long Light-blue hair said with icy blue eyes another gorgeous beauty

"Erza Strauss,Called as Titania"A woman with long red hair and red eyes like Akame,another gorgeous beauty

"And to complete it,Akame Strauss,Called as the Red-Eyed Killer"Akame introduced herself

"It's a pleasure meeting you"Erwin said as he shaked their hands

"Are you sure it's fine for them to go on an Expedition?"Petra asked

"Of course,don't you know?My sisters aren't normal,They're like me"Akame chuckled

"I'm a God of War,I own Regalia's"Bishamon laughed

"I have Ice powers"Esdeath said

"I'm a requipper"Erza said

"It's amazing,you sisters aren't really normal at all"Levi said

Soon they went on an Expedition,unexpectedly meeting with a large horde of titans

"Commander!Many cadets are Injured and can't fight!There's a total of 40!"The cadet shouted

"Tch,Here comes trouble"Levi gritted his teeth

"Akame handle i-"Erwin was cut off

"Don't worry,Erwin,We'll handle it"Bisha said

"All four of us"Esdeath assured

"Sure...We'll wait over here and watch okay?"Erwin said

"Fine by us"Erza nodded

"So?...Are we gonna do it again?"Erza smirked

"Of course!It's been a long time after we did it!"Akame smirked

"Okay!First one to eliminate the most wins!"Bishamon shouted as all 4 Glided away killing titans

"Gaiki!Kuraha!Kinuha!Tsugi!"Bishamon called out many regalia's

"Ica Make Sword!"Esdeath created a sword out of ice from thin air in an instant

"Fire Empress Armor!"Erza said as she transformed to her armor

"Akame looks....Like she's having fun but she looks scary too..."Hanji said

As Akame killed a titan it's blood splurting to her face,she smirked and wiped it off with the back of her hand as she killed another

And within the span of 10-30 Minutes all titans were wiped out,Erwin and the others were amazed

"So,Let's count!"Esdeath grinned at them

"I got 37!"Esdeath smiled

"48 over here"Bishamon smirked

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