A Fight With a God of War,Bishamon

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"Tiring..."Akame mumbled as she plopped down to the seats outside their HQ where everyone was,Erwin,Hanji,Levi,Levi's Squad,Mikasa,Armin,Jean,Reiner Bertholdt,Connie,Sasha,Christa and Ymir

"Good work"Erwin said as he sipped on his tea

Everything was peacefully and sunny when suddenly,something hit the ground before then creating dust

Everyone thought it was an enemy and quickly became alarmed

"AKAME!"Bishamon shouted covered in her battle gear

"Bisha?!"Akame said shocked

"Wow....She looks more stunning than before!"Jean smirked

"See that?Everything on her is a Regalia,Her clothes,her whip,even the Lion,and her earring"Akame said

Bishamon was wearing a gray skirt,a black bra covered by a gray leather jacket,a black hair,black gloves and long black boots,in her hand was a whip which she just used to do that,That was her Regalia Kinuha,beside her was her Lion another Regalia Kuraha,And on her ear is a pink earring another Regalia,Kazuma her exemplar

"Bisha why are you doing this?!"Akame said as she stood out infront of them

"Bastard!Akame!Why'd you kill my Regalia's?!"Bishamon shouted

"What?!I never killed your Regalia's!Only back then...."Akame said

"So she did kill her Regalia's once"Erwin said

"Liar!Kuguha told me he got a witness from one of the trainees here!She said it was you who killed Suzuha!"Bishamon said

"What?!No one here knows about Suzuha descending onto the Lower Realms except me!How else could Kuguha get a witness?!The only witness that could be present is me!"Akame defended

"I get it,She's being framed"Levi said

"But who?.."Hanji asked

"Must be someone from the Survey Corps....She's framing Akame,once I get my hands on whoever did this,I'll kill her"Levi said

"Enough!"Bishamon said

"Gaiki!"Bishamon called out and a pistol gun appeared in her hand as she pointed it at Akame who had her Murasame ready

"Stop this Veena!Akame isn't your enemy!She's your sister and your savior!"Kazuma said

"Kazuma...You're siding with Akame now?.."Bishamon said a hand holding her head since she was feeling a little dizzy

"No!"Kazuma defended

"Not long ago you were siding with that Yatogami too...."Bishamon said

"Yato?...That's right,I haven't seen Yato for a while now"Akame said

"Choki!"Bishamon called Kazuma's name and instantly the name came off from Kazuma's hand,infront of Bishamon in big letters was the name Choki

Bishamon was about to remove and expel Kazuma as her regalia,but she couldn't do it

"Nevermind!"Bishamon said

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