The Truth.....Revealed

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The Next Day

Erwin,Hanji,Levi,Yuri,Armin,Eren,Mikasa,Sasha,Connie,Reiner,Bertholdt even the others Jean,Petra,Mike,Oluo,Eld and Gunther all headed to Night Raid's HQ

"Oh!Commander Erwin!"Mine said

"Where's General Najenda?"Erwin asked

"O-Over there"Mine said leading them to the Lobby where Najenda was sitting in a throne like chair smoking

"General Najenda....Isn't it about time you told us?"Erwin asked,Najenda's cigarette fell from her lips as her face became joke-like [LIKE THE PIC]

"A-About what?"Najenda asked

"About Akame"Levi said

"So...You saw her right?....Alright!Which one of you let them see Akame?"Najenda asked Lubbock,Mine,Leone and Tatsumi in a scolding tone

"I-I.....Did"Tatsumi said as he shakily raised his hand

"Didn't I tell you to never let them encounter Akame at all costs?!Why are you so—"Najenda continued bickering and scolding Tatsumi for hours meanwhile Tatsumi was bowing 90 degrees over again and again while saying sorry

"Ugh...Now that that's finished"Najenda said as she sat back in her chair

"What happened to Akame?"Levi asked

"Cadet Kei reported that on our previous expedition,she was missing and was eaten by a Titan!"Hanji said

"Tell us,General Najenda"Erwin said

"Look calm down guys,There's a reason for this"Najenda said

"Lubbock,Call Akame"Najenda ordered and Lubbock quickly scrambled off

"What reason might you possibly have that you need to hide Akame from us?"Eren asked

"You'll see"Najenda said as she saw Akame walked in staring at Levi and the others

"Akame-san!"Eren said

"Boss.....Who are they?"Akame asked Najenda pointing to Levi and the others

"W-What?"Hanji said shocked

"See?...Now Akame please just ho out for a minute"Najenda said

"What happened to her?!"Erwin asked

"We don't know,last few weeks she showed up here,saying that she just finished her mission outside the walls when I haven't given her any missions yet and yet we' e come to this conclusion...Mine"Najenda said indicating fro Mine to finish and give the explanation

"We've figured that while on your last expedition,someone reported Akame was dead when what really happened was that person hit Akame hard on her head causing Akame to pass out and lose consciousness,Thus she regained her consciousness and had an amnesia"Mine said

"So why did you hide her from us?"Erwin asked

"Well...I figured we'd show you Akame when she finally regains her memories back,but as of now she still hasn't remembered a single thing"Najenda said

"I see....Pretty clever but.....You should've atleast infromed us"Erwin said

"Boss....I thought of something"Mine said raising her hand

"What is it,Mine?"Najenda asked

"If we hand Akame over to the Survey Corps surrounded by the people she once knew,then she might just retrieve her memory back"Mine said

"That's a very excellent idea,Mine...However I'm thinking about Akame's welfare here,what if she's not comfortable?"Najenda said

"Comfortable?Boss you know Akame's comfortable and easy coping with others"Lubbock said

"Very well then.....I'll hand Akame over to the Survey Corps in the aim for retrieving her memories back,I order you to do everything you can to get Akame,s memories back trigger anything possible but do not cause her any harm or damage understand?"Najenda said

"Yes....I Erwin Smith,Will take responsibility for any damage or harm that might or will be done to Akame Strauss."Erwin said with a salute

"Very well,She's outside on the porch just tell her she needs to go to the Survey Corps HQ by my orders and she'll go with you"Najenda informed

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