Meat is Your Favourite Food?

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The Next Day both Akame and Levi woke up,got ready and went to the Mess Hall to eat,A strong scent caught Akame's attention

"I.....Smell something"Akame said

"Huh?"Levi's face scrunched up wondering what Akame was talking about until he opened the Door to the Mess Hall

Eren,Mikasa,Armin,Jean,Sasha,Connie,Reiner,Bertholt,Ymir,Christ,Hanji also Moblit,Petra,Oluo,Gunther,Erd and of course Erwin inside eating

"Ah!Akame!Shorty!You're both up!Here!Akame!I remembered it's your favourite!So I cooked you some!"Hanji said

Showing Akame a plate full of meat,in one second Akame's eyes sparkled

"AH!!!!!!"Akame screamed with delight clasping her hands together,a small blush on her cheeks with a beautiful smile placed on her lips{THE PIC ABOVE}

"B-Beautiful....."Jean whispered a small blush on his cheeks as he saw Akame's cute side

"Hanji!Thank you!"Akame shouted almost crushing Hanji with her tight hug

"OH!No problem For you Akame!"Hanji returned to Akame with a smile

"It's a good thing Erwin let you cook this huh?"Levi asked

"Actually I thought Akame deserved it,I mean she's been helping us a lot now,plus the number of deaths during our expeditions are decreasing thanks to her always saving them in time"Erwin said

"Thank you Erwin!"Akame said hugging Erwin,and Levi immediately became jealous

"Tch....It's just meat"Levi said under his breath which Erwin noticed

"Aww.....Come on,Don't get jealous Levi"Erwin jokingly said

"So anyway I'm gonna eat!"Akame said sititng infront of the meat and eating it,cutely.....

Every guy was blushing as they saw how cute Akame ate the Meat,she was nibbling on it,slowly savouring the delicious piece of meat,with her eyes closed her expression showed she felt pleasure eating the meat

"S-She's....Perfect"Jean whispered once more

"Aw.....I wish I had meat like that..."Sasha whined,Akame's red eyes flung open upon hearing Sasha's words

"Here"Akame said handing Sasha a small piece

"Are you a God?!"Sasha shouted as she happily accepted the meat and Akame went back to savouring the meat

"......Shit-Glasses.....So uh.....How did you know....That uh.....Meat was Akame's favourite?...."Levi had a diffucult time trying to ask Hanji about this knowing she would tease him

"Oh?....Curious now Shorty?..."Hanji teased waving her eyebrows at him

"Tch,Nevermind"Levi said crossing his arms

"I was only joking!Akame always loved Meat!Didn't you alway notice it?And since it's been 2 years since she was out the walls she hasn't eaten a single meat,I guess she missed it"Hanji shrugged

"Though....She looks cute"Levi whispered

"Aw...Is Humanity's Strongest Soldier finally loving Humanity's other Strongest Soldier?"Hanji teased,Levi elbowed her stomach making Hanji double over in pain

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