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"Since,Corporal Akame is the main reason as to why not many soldiers have died in this Expedition where the Female Titan Appeared,I therefore,commence a Celebration for Corporal Akame and our Expedition's Success!"Erwin shouted

And soon everyone was partying

"Akame.....Wanna go for a drinking competition?"Hanji asked

"Sure"Akame shrugged

"Not to brag,butnSquad Leader Hanji is very good in handling herself with drinks"Petra said

"That's fine with me"Akame said

Both Akame and Hanji sat and drank bottle of wine continuesly,Levi was just simply watching Akame

"Tch,Look at her,getting into competitions,I'm positive she'll lose anyway"Levi whispered

A long time has passed and Hanji has passed out,meanwhile Akame was still standing,therefore making her the winner

"Kya.....Hahahha...Looks like I won,Hanji"Akame said obviously drunk

"Oh,She's strong"Levi said,soon Akame fell asleep

Levi,Eren and the others surrounding her

"I....Love....."Akame whispered in her sleep

"I love?...Oh!Looks like Corporal Akame likes someone!Who do you think it is?!"Eren asked,this time Hanji was already up and kicking

"Tch,Probably me..."Levi said

"Let's wait for her to finish her sentence...."Connie said

"I love.....Meat..."Akame finished,Levi fell out of his chair as Hanji laughed out loud while others stifled their laugh

"Probably me huh Shorty?!"Hanji laughed loud,which woke Akame up

Boy was Akame cute when she was waking up,Her red eyes were small {Like in Chibi Style in Akame ga Killtheaters!}

She was wiping her eyes as she stared cutely at something in front of her

"What's she staring at?...."Jean asked,everyone followed her soght and saw Meat

"Meat!~"Akame cutely said as she reached for it bit it was too far from her,She looked at Levi

"Tch,What?"Levi asked with a cold voice looking down at her

"Meat"Akame said pulling on his wrists

"How about me instead?"Levi said seductively to Akame

"I said,Meat"Akame said with a deadpanned look on her face as she stared at Levi

"Tch....Here"Levi said unable to resist Akame,he took the Meat and held it out to her with a grunt

Akame stared happily at the poece of meat right before her eyes,she took hold of it and ate it cutely....Taking small nibbles at it

Everyone was staring at her,wondering how such a fearless woman in battle with the huge titans who can kill them in mere secodns be this cute little woman who ate meat happily?

"That's the second time Corporal!"Sasha said laughing,everyone was laughing at how fast Akame rejected Levi's offer for meat

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