The 57th Expedition

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"Akame,Levi"Erwin called out the two

"Erwin?"Akame asked

"Hurry up,were are going on our 57th Expedition today remember?"Erwin said

"Oh right,Just a minute"Akame said as she woke Levi and they proceeded to fix themselves and soon were out on their horses soon out of the walls and into Titan Territory

Akame and her new Squad were positioned as the Left Flank,Meanwhile Erwin was at the front Eren with Levi in the Center and the others were on either the Right Flank or the Rear guard behind the Center

Levi was so worried about Akame,worried that he might lose her again,that he might never see her again but of course he didn't let fear take over him

"Levi Heichou!We just received word from the Rear Guard!The Right Flank is already wiped out!It seems that a Female Titan brought an army of Titans!"Gunther said

"Tch"Levi clicked his tongue,worried about Akame and at the same time angry at the titans

They continued galloping

Then As happened the Female Titan attacked and mostly many cadets would've died....If Akame didn't save them in titan from the Female Titan

She was always there,busting out her graphling hooks and gliding the cadets to safety from the Female Titan,and many were still alive

Then,As planned,Erwin lured the Female Titan to the Forests led by Levi's Special Operations Squad

"Levi Heichou!Many Soldiers are dying!"Eren shouted screaming everytime he catches a cadet gliding by the Female Titan in attempt to kill it and die

"Tch"Levi clicked his tingue once more ignoring the cries from his Squad and Eren to disband and kill the Titan alone

Then he heard Eren let out a loud gasp

"What now,Eren?!"Levi asked

"Corporal Akame's Fighting with the female titan!We should save her!What happens if she gets killed like the other soldiers!?"Eren screamed once more

Levi became worried as soon as he heard Akame was catching up with the Female Titan and looked behind,they all did,Petra,Oluo,Gunther and Eld

They saw Akame gliding by the Female Titan's side saving the Soldiers who were supposed to get killed by the Female Titan and briught them to safety

The soldiers who thought that they were supposed to die,thanked Akame everytime again and again for saving their lives

"Tch,Look Eren,What do you see Back there?"Levi asked

"Uh....Corporal Akame saving the soldiers fighting the Female Titan?..."Eren asnwered

"Good,Now that you know Akame is saving thise cadets who were supposed to die can you look forward now?"Levi asked,Eren looked back once more

In time to catch a Soldier who was killed by the Female Titan,Akames eyes widened with anger,seeing as she failed to save the Soldier

Among all the soldiers who came to distract the Female Titan that soldier was the only one she couldn't save,all because the female titan killed him before she could come

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