Mission at the Graveyard

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Early Morning every Cadets were surprised,seeing Akame running in a hurry,with her Sword along her,Levi,Erwin and Hanji blocked her path

"Hanji,Erwin,Levi!Move!I have a mission!"Akame said

"Mission?Is it Night Raid?"Erwin asked

"Yeah.....Boss says that the 4 Rakshasa Demons are back here in Wall Rose!I've been given mission to eliminate them"Akame said

"Fine..."Levi said they moved out of her path as she continued to run in a hurry

"But be safe......"Levi whispered which she heard

"Of course I will..."Akame said as she headed for Night Raid's Base

"AkameMgood thing you're here!I've sent Lubbock to handle two of them and Mine and Tatsumi on one,Yours is one too,back in the Graveyard,The main reason is to make contact with the guards who are willingly to give us information about those 4 Rakshasa Demons and you'll be meeting with twoguards  in the Graveyard"Najenda said

"Then I'll be heading off!"Akame said before dashing away

It was as dark as night when Akame went to the Graveyard,where she was suppsoed to meet the two guards

"So....What's the report?"Akame asked eating a chicken in her hands

"Actually the Prime Minister has ordered the 4 Rakshasa Demons here in Wall Rose to defend him against the Titans"The first guard said

"And then he called on for General Esdeath"the second one said

"Ha.....Hahahahhaha"A laugh emerged from the tree and the 2 guards were dead on the ground headless

Akame looked at the bodies of the 2 lifeless guards on the ground with wide eyes

"Akame-chan~It's nice to see you again~"The purple headed big man said emerging from the tree tossing the heads of the two guards on the ground

Akame looked at the guy with anger in her eyes

"I'm guessing you're one of the 4 Rakshasa Demons now......Ibara?"Akame said

"I'm honored that you still remembered me from our former Group Akame-chan~~~"Ibara said

"Tch,What on the world were you even thinking?!Going to the graveyard late at night just to pay respects to a dead person?"A familiar voice ringed in Akame's ear as she turned back and found

Levi,Erwin,Hanji,Eren,Armin,Mikasa and the others at a tombstone near where Akame and Ibara were

'I hope they don't notice us....'Akame thought in her mind

"Let us fight.......Akame-chan~~~"Ibara  said

Akame quickly dashed towards Ibara,Ibara reached his fists but Akame backflipped and from behind slashed her Murasame but Ibara had moved backwards avoiding it

And without a moment,needles came out from every part of Ibara's body,Akame had long retreated

"Aww....You know,Akame-chan,our bodies were trained,so we can control any part of our body"Ibara said

"Look!Someone's fighting over there!"Eren pointed to Akame and Ibara who were fighting,they all watched,unable to identify not knowing it Was Akame

"That woman is pretty good.....And she looks kinda familiar.."Erwin said

Next Ibara,threw a line of punches at Akame at high speed,which Akame crossed her hands and shielded herself using her Murasame

Then as the punches disappeared,Akame slashed with her Murasame,but Iabar stopped it with his two hands and took the Murasame away from Akame

He took it in his hand and held onto it,but after getting hold of it,Dark smokes emerged from it

"Huh?!What's this?!"Ibara screamed

As Ibara's attention was directed to the sword emitting dark smoke,Akame ran up to Ibara jumped on his neck like a piggy back but instead with her legs she turned the other side

Turning Ibara's head on the opposite side,And Ibara accodentally let go of Akame's Murasame and without a second She cut him to pieces

Ibara's Arms and legs were cut off as he died poison entering his body

"H-How?.."Ibara asked

"I figured you wouldn't get along with my Murasame,The cursed blade has rejected you..."Akame said as she laid the Murasame on her shoulder and walked away

Then she met with Levi and the others

"A-Akame!?It was you?!"Hanji screamed

"Yeah...My mission....That guy,Ibara killed two guards who were supposed to be giving informations to me.."Akame said

"You were pretty hot back there......"Jean whispered with a blush

"That was awesome!"Eren said

"Yeah!I agree that fight was totally awesome!"Connie cheered

"So who is that person you just killed?"Erwin asked

"Ibara Kushi,A former member of the Kingdom's Elite Seven which I was included in,He was a former comrade of mine but hes turned evil and is now one of the 4 Rakshasa Demons"Akame said

"Quite a great fight you brought up there"Hanji said

"Corporal!I saw you eating a fried chicked earlier in your hands!Do you....Perhaps have some now?...."Sasha asked

"Sorry....I finished all of it"Akame said

"Akame!!!"Lubbock yelled from above

"Sorry,I have to go..."Akame said jumping up with Lubbock and dashing off

After reporting back to Najenda,Akame went back to the Survery Corps,in Levi's office and slept with Levi the whole night in peace

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