Zank the Executioner

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Another day passed by so fast and it was already the dead of the night

Armin,Christa,Ymir,Reiner,Beholdt,Eren,Mikasa,Armin,Connie,Jean,Sasha and Levi,Hanji,Petra,Oluo,Eld,Gunther,Yuri and Erwin were at the middle of town all gathered up

"Alright!Patrol each and every streets!Look out for the mysterious man!He has been identified as Zank the Executioner"Erwin commanded amd everyone headed to their designated stations

"Alright,Patrol the streets look out for Zank the Executioner,if you ever encounter him,be careful and fight him"Najenda said

"However,he has an Imperial Arm too..."Najenda added

"So that means!.."Leone said

"Yes.....Whoever encounters him has a 50% chance of dying or killing Zank"Mine said

"Anyway be careful"Najenda said and they all headed out

"Akame!Lubbock,Mine and I will be on the far east side!You take Tatsumi to the north!"Leone shouted

"Yes!"Akame shouted back as Akame and Tatsumi walked patroling the area

"So,Akame-san.....You must be invincible right?"Tatsumi said starting a conversation

"Huh?"Akame asked

"I mean,your cursed blade,Murasame,I mean if you just scratch your opponent they die immediately no need for any hard work to do"Tatsumi said

"Actually,This is a very dangeorus sword!It has it's disadvantages!"Akame said

"Like what?"Tatsumi asked

"If you accidentally cut your finger,You die instantly!"Akame said

"Uh.....How is that a disadvantage?"Tatsumi asked sweatdropping

"Tatsumi....This is a one slice,certain death world..."Akame said

"Huh?..."Tatsumi asked confused

"Anyway,stay here for a while,I have to go check something"Akame said leaving Tatsumi alone

As Tatsumi was sitting alone,waiting for Akame he heard faint voices

"Well,Well,Well.....What do we have here?.."Zank asked as he picked up Christa and Armin by their hair

Christa was screaming,alerting all of them,Levi,Hanji,Erwin,Oluo,Petra and even Eld,Gunther,Mikasa,Eren,Jean,Connie,Sasha,Reiner,Bertholdt,Ymir and of course Yuri

"L—Levi Heichou!It's Zank the Executioner!He has both Christa and Armin!"Petra cried out

"Calm down....Levi"Erwin nodded at Levi signalling what he was supposed to do

"Oh?....Aw–You've brought your friends,Oh well the more the merrier,and just many more preys"Zank smiled evilly as he let go of Christa and Armin turning to Levi and the rest

As Zank was about to reach Levi,A sword which was thrown blocked his hand,Zank looked back and saw Tatsumi

"I'm your opponent"Tatsumi bravely said

"Oh really?Then....I'll take you on"Zank said facing Tatsumi

After fighting Tatsumi,Zank almost killed Tatsumi,he had him cornered

"Time to say goodbye"Zank evilly said as he aimed for Tatsumi's neck but he stopped when a familiar sword blocked his hand away

Through the red moon,a small figure backflipped high in the air and continuesly flipped until she landed perfectly on the ground perfectly catching the sword in her hand,As if she fell from the sky

She landed on the ground pointing the sword at Zank

Everyone's eyes widened,upon seeing the woman who mysteriously appeared

It was Akame!

"Akame!"Levi shouted

"S-She's alive?!"Yuri shouted in anger

"Are you okay,Tatsumi?"Akame asked

"Y-yeah..."Tatsumi said he was all bloody too from the fight

"Well done with the insults..."Akame said

"Well of it isn't the infamous Akame and her enchanted sword Murasame"Zank smirked evilly

"Zank the Executioner....."Akame said

"I was eager to fight you...Seeing as we almost have the same skill and being the same as assassins,I couldn't live knowing there's someone out there who's the same with me"Zank spoke

They were both circling each other waiting,while Levi and the rest were shocked seeing Akame

Akame then dashed forward,Zank and Akame clashed at each other again and again

"I think I'll have to use it......" Zank smirked evilly

"Illusion Sight!"Zank shouted as Akame see Zank disappeared and in his place appeared......

Kurome,her beloved little sister

"Kurome...."Akame whispered as she was looking shocked

"What happened to Akame?!"Armin asked

"Akame!It's an illusion!"Tatsumi shouted trying to atleast warn Akame

"It's no use......Right now she is seeing the person she loves the most"Zank said

As he started to dash forward to Akame

"And no one can kill their loved one!"Zank shouted as he was about to strike Akame,but instead his arm was cut off

"H-How—"Zank said shocked seeing Akame

"She didn't even falter!How could you kill your loved one?!"Zank shouted

"It's because I loved her the most that I wanted to kill her as swiftly as possible....."Akame said with ease as She cut Zank's throat and he fell to the ground

Zank then died from the poison that entered his body,Akame whisked her sword before turning back and walking to Tatsumi

"Are you okay,Tatsumi?"Akame asked Tatsumi helping him up,since he is injured

"Akame!"Levi shouted from behind

'Shit!Boss told us to keep Akame away from any of the survey corps until she retrieves her memory?!What am I gonna do now?!' Tatsumi cursed in his mind

"Who are you?.."Akame asked Levi

"Who am I?....What the fuck?!"Levi shouted

"Tatsumi....Do you know him?"Akame asked as Tatsumi nervously looked at Levi who was giving him a death glare

"L-Let's go back to HQ as fast as possible Akame-san!"Tatsumi shouted running and pulling Akame along with him

"Tch....He's hiding something"Levi said glaring at Tatsumi as Tatsumi ran away with Akame

"Dont worry shorty!Atleast we confirmed Akame's alive!"Hanji said

"Tomorrow I'll head to Night Raid's HQ and have a talk with General Najenda regarding Akame"Erwin said

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