The Expedition That Caused Tradegy...

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The woman who hurt Akame,was never found.....Levi was angry and determined to find the culprit but Akame stopped him

Yuri,tried everything,anything to try and get rid of Akame,but to her dismay she never ever succeeded

Today was their 59th Expedition throughout the Walls

"Men!Forward!!!"Erwin shouted as the Gate's opened and everyone galloped outside the Walls,Levi and his Squad were in the middle,Erwin and his Squad in the front,Akame and her Squad at the behind and Hanji and her Squad on the Left Flank

Yuri was with Mike's Squad on the Right Flank
They reached far land and decided to take a break in the abandoned village nearby

"Tell Levi that we'll be taking action after retrieving goods from this village"Erwin directed and the soldier skipped away to Levi

"Tell Mike to watch out for incoming Titans or if there are any titans nearby"Erwin directed to another soldier who ran off to Mike

"And Moblit.....Please,Please,Please....Keep an eye on Hanji,don't let her run off anywhere if she does call Levi or Akame to run after her"Erwin said to Moblit as Moblit saluted and took off to look for Hanji

Soon they were about to take off,The few 7 hours Mike was looking out for titans,and there were actually no signs of them

But when everything was ready to be taken back into the Walls,They were already galloping back into the walls,Passing by a deep Forest on the way

Mike caught a certain scent

"Erwin!They're here!!!"Mike shouted

"Men!Prepare for battle!"Erwin shouted alerting all the other cadets

"Erwin!It's a horde of over 50 Titans!Nearing Akame!"Mike shouted

"Tell Akame to handle them!"Erwin said

"Erwin!Do you really think Akame would be able to handle all 50 Titans?!Considering most of her Squad is quite injured from the Expedition?!"Levi shouted

However Erwin ignored Levi

"Oi!Erwin!"Levi called for his attention

"Levi!Erwin's not responding!He's thinking it out!Besides you know that Akame is very strong right!"Hanji shouted

".......Fine!"Levi shouted looking back

"Leave it to me!"Akame shouted looking at Levi

'Just......Be.....Safe....' Levi thought in his mind as Akame's horse passed by Levi's as she was galloping back to the titans

'Finally!A perfect chance to get rid of that pest who always gets in the way of my love with Levi Heichou!' Yuri thought smirking as she sneakily dispatched herself from the Survey Corps amd followed silently behind Akame

"Heichou!There's too many!There are still 40 of them left!"Armin cried out,his head was hit by a titan earlier and is severely injured

"Heichou!Connie and Sasha are both injured too!"Mikasa reported as Akame was struggling to fight with her injured Squad

"Heichou!Reiner and Berthodlt are down!Only Jean and Mikasa are capable of fighting the titans!"Armin shouted

"Bring all of them in the carriage,Jean!Mikasa!Run back to Erwin at top speed no matter what happens don't stop!I'll deal with the titans!"Akame shouted

"Yes Heichou!"Both Jean and Mikasa saluted amd quickly took their injured Ally's to Erwin and Hanji to get healed

"Tch"Akame clicked her tongue quickly killing the remaining 40 Titans

'I'll admit.....She is strong,however I can find a different way to get rid of her!' Yuri said in her mind as she brought out one of her blades

As Akame landed perfectly on the ground,Yuri took her chance and striked Akame while she was distracted

And Akame passed out,Losing consciousness she fell to the ground

'Great,Now I'll have Commander Erwin have me check up on her,and I'll tell them she's dead' Yuri thought as she evilly smirked as she galloped her horse back to Erwin

"Yuri!I need you to check back on Akame!All of her Squad Members are injured and can't go back,so go back there and check if Akame is still there"Erwin commanded and Yuri quickly went back

"So long......Little Pest"Yuri smirked leaving Akame's unconscious body

"Commander!It's terrible!"Yuri faked crying to Erwin who was with Levi,Mike and Hanji

"What?Where's Akame?"Levi questioned

"S-She's.......I couldn't find her anywhere!And then I saw this!"Yuri cried handing Levi,Akame's red tie which was torn

"She—She was eaten!"Yuri screamed still faking her crying

"No,No—It's happening all over again...."Levi said

"Levi....Calm down"Erwin said

"You should've sent me instead of Akame!That way I could've protected her!"Levi shouted at Erwin

"Look,Levi.....We are not sure if she is completely dead!She might've been just eaten whole and swallowed that means she could've broken out!"Erwin said

"But,Commander.....I stayed there for 30 minutes and so far no sign of Her"Yuri said

"Yuri!Shut up!You're only making it worse!"Hanji spat

"I—I'll look for her!"Levi said quickly jumping on his hose ready to gallop away

"Levi no!And that's an order!You are to stay here until we reach the Walls!"Erwin shouted making Levi stop and walk down his horse

"If she never,and I mean never returns,You'll be paying big,Eyebrows"Levi threathened Erwin before walking away

"He's really scary when its about Akame..."Erwin sighed

"But....The Tradegy happened again didn't it?"Mike said

"Yeah....After we finally got her back she's taken away from us again"Hanji sighed holding back her own tears

Levi walked straight to his office,silently locking the door and going to his Bedroom

Those nights he would spend with Akame were gine,those days were he would just lie down by her side was gone

Levi sat on his bed holding his hair with one arm,And tears flowed down

Of course he was sad about the other Cadets who died but Akame,She had the biggest impact on Levi

"After coming back....You left again!?Why?!"Levi suddenly shouted as tears continued to flow down uncontrollably

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