Her Sister

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After eating at the Mess Hall,Levi noticed that Akame was missing,since when Levi woke up Akame wasn't by his side

"Erwin....Where's Akame?"Levi asked Erwin

"Oh,If you're looking for her,don't bother"Erwin said

"Tch,Why?"Levi asked

"She's on a mission"Erwin said

"I see..."Levi said

"Ne,ne,Erwin!"Hanji said

"What now,Hanji?"Erwin asked sighing

"Can I.....Go to Night Raid for today?"Hanji asked

"Sure"Erwin said

"Yes!"Hanji said

"Tch,What're you planning to do there,Shitty-Glasses?"Levi asked

"I'm gonna ask General Najenda about some things"Hanji said

After a while

Hanji,Levi,Armin,Mikasa,Eren,Jean,Sasha,Reiner,Bertholt,Connie,Squad Levi and Erwin were all in Night Raid

Facing Night Raid's Boss also the General,General Najenda

"I wonder what the Commander Of the Survey Corps would want from me?......Commander Erwin Smith?..."Najenda asked whilst popping a cigarette to her lips

"It's actually about Akame"Hanji said

"What about Akame?..."Najenda asked

"Ano.....We'd like to know more about her little sister,Kurome....."Hanji said

"Kurome....Ah...You want to know more about Akame's Past..."Najenda said exhaling smoke

"You see.....When she was young and her little sister was even younger.....Akame and Kurome were sold to the Black Market,where they were forced to be trained as assassins"Najenda started

"Not long before they decided to let the trained assassins go out of the Walls"Najenda stated

"After many of Akame's comrades has died,only a few were left,and those few were made assassin were in Akame and her little sister Kurome were involved"Najenda said

"Akame bloomed to become an assassin who could fully carry out the King's Orders"Najenda said

"Until the day I recruited her"Najenda said

"It was her mission,To kill me...But failing to do so,Since I showed her that all she was being taught to do was a lie,I showed her the evilness of the People,their true nature in which Akame left the Kingdom and joined Night Raid"Najenda said

"There,Her little sister,Kurome,thought Akame had betrayed her,seeing this,Kurome has a grudge against her sister,which drove to hatred and anger"Najenda said

"Kurome longed to kill her sister,Akame,she hated her so much she wanted to kill her,But ever sinc ethat day they have never seen each other anymore..."Najenda said

After a few hours,Levi,Hanji,Erwin and the rest learned more and more about Akame,Akame's past and her little Sister,Kurome

Just after they finished Akame arrived looking traumatized,Tatsumi with her as Tatsumi comforted Akame

"Tatsumi!What's wrong with Akame?!What happened?!"Najenda asked

"Boss...."Tatsumi said with a sad tone handing her a letter,Najenda hastily grabbed it and read

'Dear Onee-chan,
I think you still remember me huh?It's me,Your Dear Little Sister Kurome,The one you betrayed and left,I was summoned to Wall Rose after leaving from Wall Sina,I was called as a Member for General Esdeath's new Squad.....Since I know all about you working back in the Survey Corps and how that you aren't dead....I was sad and happy at the same time......

I was sad that you didn't throughly die,and happy since I now have the chance to kill you,Let us settle this once and for all.....Onee-chan.......To get over our past,let's settle it....

On your 58th Expedition....I'll be there,Let's settle this outside of the Walls to make it more interesting,I'll be waiting on that day
Love ya Onee-chan~
Your Dear Little Sister,Kurome

"Akame......What do you plan to do?"Najenda asked

"I-I don't know....Just give me some time,I'll be staying in my room for the meantime.."Akame said walking away depressed aura surrounding her

"Akame?.."Hanji asked,Akame walked by her,not replying

"What's wrong?What happened?"Erwin asked

"Here..."Najenda handed Erwin Kurome's letter and Erwin read it out loud so that the others could hear

"Akame....."Erwin said as they all realized what she was going through

"It's a deadly battle...."Najenda said

"Why?"Connie asled

"Kurome,Akame's Little Sister also has a weapon similar to Akame,She has a sword that when she uses her Imperial Arm the people that she has once killed which have become her puppets become alive once more"Najenda stated

"And all the more dangerous that she was picked for Esdeath's Squad"Lubbock said

"I just realized..."Leone said

"What?"Tatsumi asked

"It'll be a battle with two Imperial Arm Users!"Najenda said

"What's wrong with it?"Tatsumi asked

"Tatsumi....You're new to this,you probably don't know..."Leone said

"In a battle between Two Imperial Arm Users,One is guaranteed to die,because Imperial Arms are originally so strong,one is guaranteed to die"Najenda said

"So that means!..."Sasha shouted

"Yes...If Akame ever agrees to it,either she or Kurome dies,either way it's painful for these two sisters....."Mine says

"Akame's thinking it out....And she needs space.."Lubbock said

"I doubt that Akame would think about saying no"Mine said

"Mine!How could you say that?!"Tatsumi said

"Well....Simply because Akame isn't one to back down from fights..."Mine shrugged

"Actually Mine is right.....There's a 99% Akame will agree to it"Najenda said

"Anyway,This will happen on one of your Expeditions....When will you go on an Expedition?"Najenda asked Erwin

"Tomorrow....Our 58th Expedition outside the Walls..."Erwin said

"I suggets you take it in an open area....Kurome will come and she will encounter Akame,they will have a battle to death....."Najenda said

"I'm entrusting Akame's safety to you.....Erwin"Najenda said

"I'll get Akame"Levi said

"No!Just leave her to think!"Tatsumi said

"Tatsumi.....It's alright,he's special to Akame..."Leone said

"I-I see....."Tatsumi said

"What are you to her?"Tatsumi whispered with a low voice to Levi

"Her lover"Levi replied with a small tone

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