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"Woah!That was close!"Hanji said as she lnaded on the branch of the tree

"What?What's going on?I'm listening!"Hanji asked as she stepped down the branch

Then Oluo came up from behind,his graphling hook attached to the Titan's Nape

"Got it!"Oluo shouted about to slash the nape with his blades

"Wait!Oluo!"Hanji said

"Uh....Hai?"Oluo asked stopping with a confused face as Oluo was distracted The Titan grabbed Oluo

Oluo started screaming as the titan had him in it's grip,Then Levi saved Oluo by cutting the Titan's hand making Oluo fall back down as he stopped screaming

Akame then finished it and killed the titan

"Tch....Filthy.....You okay?"Levi asked Oluo who had snot and tears mixed all over

"Heichou.....I'll stick with you forever!"Oluo shouted in admiration as he cried

"He could've been a precious test subject..."Hanji said kneeling before the now dead titan as Levi finished wiping his blades

"If he had been captured,Humanity could've taken a step forward"Hanji mumbled,Levi walked to Hanji and gripped her collar pulling her up,Just liek how Hanji did with Oluo

"Shut up,Shit-Glasses!If you want to end up as Titan feces,then I won't stop you!But don't endager your comrades!"Levi shouted at Hanji,Leaving Hanji shocked with her mouth agaped

"Levi!"Akame said

"Titans don't defecate....They don't have a digestive system after all"Hanji said with a sweat on her face

"Tch"Levi said and threw her back on the ground,after the chasing,Erwin finally permitted Hanji to capture titans

And with both Levi and Akame's help they successfully captured 2 titans without losing a single soldiers life

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