Christmas Present!Happy Birthday Levi!

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It was December 24 a night before Christmas....Joking!A night before Corporal Levi's birthday

Everyone was so stucked up at what they should give to him as a present

"Erwin.....What do you think we should give Levi for his birthday?"Hanji asked

"Hm.....What he likes most!"Erwin said

"You mean....Cleaning supplies?"Eren asked

"No,No,No!That's not what I meant!"Erwin said

"Then what do you mean,Commander?"Armin asked

"What does Heichou like the best?.."Oluo asked

"Akame...."Mike whispered

"Ahh!I've got a perfect idea!Mikasa!Sasha and Christa I need your help with this!"Hanji said

"What have you got in mind,Hanji?"Erwin asked

"This!"Hanji said whispering her idea into Erwin's ear

"Not bad.....It's perfect!"Erwin said

"Now!Mikasa,Christa and Sasha!I'll be needing your help with this!"Hanji said

"Hai!"Mikasa,Christa and Sasha saluted to Hanji
The Next Day,All of them were in the living room

"Hey...Have you brats seen,Akame?"Levi asked Eren and the others

"Happy Birthday Heichou!"Everyone shouted

"Yeah,Thanks...Now has anyone seen Akame?She's been missing since last night.....Wonder what's happened to her?"Levi said

"Don't sweat the small stuffs!Here!We have a present for you!Eld!"Hanji shouted as Eld,Gunther and Oluo pushed a big box into the living room

"Well....We thought about what you liked most and...."Eren said trailing off

"Ended up with this!"Armin said pulling the ribbon that held the box together,revealing Akame

Her mouth sealed with a tape,wearing the same dress,the white and black one with a red ribbon in the middle,white and black gloves to her elbows....A white headband,red stockings and red high heels

"You guys...."Levi said his eyes looking at Akame who was staring at him with a usual bored face

"I love it!"Levi finished

"How did you get Akame do even do this?"Levi asked

"Easy!2 Months worth of meat!"Hanji beamed

"Really?."Levi asked Akame,Akame only shrugged

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