Training with the Fearless Corporal

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"Akame!!!!"Hanji beamed at Akame

"Erwin has something to announce,In the Mess Hall!"Hanji said pulling Akame with her as they ran to the Mess Hall

"Erwin!Akame's here!"Hanji shouted

"Alright.....Corporal Akame,I ask you to train your Squad,teach them to defend against strong opponents too,It'll be a joint training with Levi's Squad"Erwin said,Akame looked at Levi an nodded
After eatinng breakfast all headed for their training

"So...How do yout hink we teach them how to defend?"Akame asked Levi

"Tch,I don't know,like line them up and attack them one by one and teahc them how to defend,if they fail they train"Levi said

"Alright,I'll take that up"Akame said

"Alright,cadets line up"Akame called out

Armin,Mikasa,Connie,Sasha,Reiner,Berthold,Jean,And Ymir with Christa lined up

"Akame!join Jeager with you!"Levi said pushing Eren to Akame

"Huh?"Akame said as she caught Eren

"Oh well,Line up with Mikasa and Armin,Eren"Akame ordered and Eren obeyed

"Okay,I'll take each one of you up,I'll attack you and you should defend against me okay?"Akame asked and everyone nodded

"First,Reiner get here"Akame said as Reiner stepped up

"Well,You're buff I guess you're pretty strong huh?"Akame asked

"Anyways I'll attack you find a way to defend against me,assured I won't hurt you"Akame said

"Okay"Reiner said getting in a fighting stance,everyone surrounding them watching curiously

First,Akame tried to kick Reiner with her feet,but Reiner barely dodged,Reiner swung his fist at Akame,attempting to hit her,but then Akame caught his fists,bringing her kegs up she kicked him in his stomache making him double over in pain and then Akame backflipped

Then Reiner looked around for Akame,unable to see where she is,then a figure came down from above and the next thing he knew,Akame was behind him,holding her sheathed sword unto Reiner's neck

"Reiner....That was a bad defense...If this were a real fight,you would've been dead from my Murasame"Akame said

"Well......You are pretty good Corporal"Reiner said

"Next up!"Akame shouted,Eren stepped up

"Ready?"Akame asked and Eren nervously nodded

"I forgot to say,You can attack me too if you want,the main purpose is for you to defend against my attacks"Akame added

Then as the battle started Eren moved forwardin attempt to kick Akame's legs down but Akame dodged amd backflipped in the air landing behind Eren

Eren turned around with a nervous stance,galncing side by side watching out for Akame but she was nowhere to be seen,She then came up from above,which Eren noticed earlier and dodged it

"Pretty good,Eren"Akame complimented

Then she came by behind,Eren seeing this swung his fist behind but met with no Akame,turns out Akame backflipped amd was infront of Eren

When Eren turned around he met face to face with Akame and Akame held her Murasame aginst his throat

"You have a pretty good sense,Eren,but try to fasten your pace a little bit,that will help,you lost to me because you were to slow to notice I wasn't behind you but infront of you"Akame stated

"Next"Akame shouted and Jean Stepped up

Jean attacked by swinging his fist when Akame dodged he combined it with a kick,Akame's legs were almost caught up,if Akame didn't backflipped into the air

Akame struck her Murasasame to the ground and oanded woth a perfect stance,She dasjed towards Jean with a fast pace,Jean held out his fist and Akame dodged by the side as Jena wasn't looking

Akame tripped him and sat on top of Jean,holding him down woth her sword on his neck

Jean was flustered at the contact and was blsuhing madly,as Levi was eyeing them with jealousy

"Jean,that was a very bad defense much worse than Reiner's you should keep your eyes on the opponent,watching it's every move"Akame scolded

"Next"Akame said and Connie,he mostly stared at Akame,doing weird postires

"Uh.....Connie....What are you doing?"Akame asked

"My....Karate Moves!"Connie said,Akame without a second came up to him and hit him on his head

"Owwwww!"Connie crouched down

"Idiot,Karate Moves doesn't work against titans or humans..."Akame said sighing

"Next"And Sasha stood up

"If you're goign to do the same thing Connie just did the just train with the others"Akame sighed and Sasha went to Eren and the others and trained

"Next"Then Mikasa stood up

"Ooppss.....I forgot to tell you guys!You can use your blades against me too!"Akame said

"Then....I'll be using my. Blades"Mikasa said and Akame nodded

Akame cautiously lehd her Murasame in front of her,As Mikasa prepared her blades and got into a fighting stance

"Oohhh!The ultimate fight's about to begin!"Connie said as Eren and the rest watched Mikasa and Akame ready to spar at each other

First Mikasa,Attacked,she dashed to Akame and swung her at her while spinning,Akame then jumped up stepping on Mikasa's head on the process and tossed her forward causing her to fall back

"As Akame was about to press her Murasame on Mikasa,Mikasa blocked it using her blades

Akame broke the trance that bought their blades were clashing against each others

Next,Mikasa stood up amd attacked,Akame dodged and then spinned,backflipped and lamded behind Mikasa pointing her sword,Mikasa turned knowing about Akames sword pointed to her

Mikasa then quickly turned around and crouched avoiding Akame's attack,Akame then stepped on Mikasa and Mikasa lost

"Woah.....That was amazing...."Jean said

"God....Even Mikasa lasted longer than us boys..."Connie sighed

"I can't believe Mikasa's that string to out up a fight with Corporal Akame"Eren said

'Seems like Cadet Ackerman can put up a fight with Akame...' Levi thought

After a while training was over and everyone headed to sleep

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