'Little' Fight

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Levi banning Akame from Meat for 1 Month Akame getting angry at her and they fight

The Ball soon ended,and Levi never got the chance to ask Akame out to damce while almost every guy already had

Right after Eren asked her,soon came Jean,then Armin,Reiner,Connie
Bertholdt and even Commander Erwin!

So it was only Levi who never got the chance to ask Akame to dance because of Yuri constantly pestering Levi,which he didn't like

After the Ball Levi was more violent than usual,and he and Akame were on good terms once more,Until....

"Tch"Levi clicked his tongue,Glaring at the guys as hard as possible as he and Akame walked in the Mess Hall for Breakfast

"What?.."Akame looked at him

"Still mad about the Ball?"Akame asked

"Levi....I told you get over it,It's just a dance"Akame sighed as they both sat down

"What's wrong?"Hanji questioned Akame nudging her shoulders gesturing to Levi

"He's mad about not being able to dance with me last night at the Ball..."Akame paused

"And about all the guys asking me out to dance"Akame sighed rolling her eyes

"Ah....Shorty's finally honest about his feelings!~"Hanji cooed

"Shut up,Shitty-Glasses!"Levi sneered at Hanji

"Anyway–Akame!I've got a surprise for you!"Hanji beamed at Akame

"What is it?"Akame asked raising her eyebrows at her

"Remember about my promise?Well,Here's your meat!"Hanji smiled placing down meat infront of Akame

"No way!–Really?!—I love you Hanji!"Akame said hugging Hanji tightly before getting ready to eat the delicious piece of meat infront of her

"Tch,From now on you're not allowed to eat meat unless you've got my permission!"Levi sneered at Akame pulling the meat away from her

"Then can I eat that meat?"Akame asked Levi as politely as possible

"No"Levi answered plainly

"What?!–I can not accept that!I will eat that meat if I want to!"Akame said

"No,I said no and I'm not changing my decision!"Levi shouted at her

Akame pouted as tears gathered in her eyes

"Woah...Corporal Akame looks like she's about to cry what's going on?"Eren asked

"I don't know,Maybe she and Corporal Levi got into a fight?"Armin suggested

"That shorty banned Akame from eating meat..."Mikasa plainly spoke

"Aww....I feel you,Corporal Akame~"Sasha tearily said gently wiping tears from her eyes with a handkerchief staring at Akame

"I-I can't believe you....Y-You're so mean to me!"Akame said as she prevented her tears from falling,Levi had his eyes closed he opened one eye and stared at Akame but then soon closed his eye too

He knew he couldn't resist Seeing Akame cry like that,so with no other choice Levi sighs and places the meat infront of her

"....Fine"Levi sighed,but at that word Akame's tears disappeared as a bright smile made it's way to her face

She hugged Levi tightly peppering him with kisses as she continuesly chanted 'Thank you's'

After a while she decided to finally eat the delicious piece of meat that was sitting there infront of her

"Corporal Levi,Surprisingly gave it to her"Eren said with wide eyes

"I figured that'd happen..."Armin sighed

"..."Mikasa said nothing as usual and continued to eat

"Aww....What a beautiful ending~"Sasha cooed as she ate

"Weird"Connie shrugged his shoulders

"Corporal Akame!"There came Moblit who was looking for Akame

"Over here!Moblit!"Hanji called out raising her hand as Moblit spotted her and came closer to Akame with papers in his hands

"What's wrong,Moblit?"Akame asked still munching on the piece of meat,Cutely

"Commander Erwin,received a letter,it was addressed to you,It's from Lady Bishamon"Moblit said handing Akame the letter

"Letter?From Bisha?..."Akame asked as she gulped up the last of the meat and held the letter,curiously eyeing it,As Moblit took off not before saluting

"Weird,Bisha never sent me letters unless it's something important"Akame said as she opened the letter

"Maybe she's coming to visit again?"Levi asked

"Doesn't seem like it,Plus if she visits she never tells me she does it as a surprise"Akame added


"Isn't that the God?"

"Yeah,It's the Legendary God of War"

"WOAH!Corporal Akame's sister that God?!"

These rumors circled the curious cadets

"Oh yeah,I forgot,Corporal Akame's sister is pretty famous"Eren said

"She's a God of War,of course she'll be famous,Bishamon is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune which is very respected,Bishamon even has her own shrine"Armin informed

"What does it say?"Hanji asked

Since Akame read the letter her red eyes widened in shock as the letter fell from her fingers

"B-Bisha's Regalia died..."Akame spoke with a broken voice

"Regalia?"Levi asked

"What are Regalia's?"Erwin asked

"R-Regalia's are people who died,they become spirits that when named form into a single item that very much resembles them,and they obtain their powers by that"Akame explained

"A regalia is a spirit of a dead human,They are scattered around and is only noticed by Gods,When a God names a Spirit it becomes a Regalia"Akame explained

"My sister,Bishamon,As A God of War she has many Regalia's,But only a few Gods could only bear the weight of too many regalia's"Akame added

"Since Regalia's and their Master/Gods are bonded as one...So if a Regalia is hurt,killed,crying,or anything it blights their Master,For the best they have to keep a smile on their faces in order not to Blight their master"Akame explained

"And Bisha has thousands of Regalia's,She's one of the rarest God that can name and bear many regalia's"Akame said

"As thousands of Regalia's she names and takes them into her home as one of her own,It doesn't matter if they're useless,she protects them,Bisha is too kind and she can't ignore a Regalia that is dying or is being killed instead she saves them and takes them to her home"Akame said

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