Our Fight

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"We could've stayed together!"Kurome shouted with an angry expression which Akame had the same

"I started to realize what we were doing wasn't to keep peace,It was all a lie!"Akame said breaking the clash Akame slashed the spot were Kurome was but Kurome dashed back

"We were a special unit dedicated to executing any orders from the Capital!"Akame

If the current empire continues to exist,the citizens are doomed to suffer!That's why I tried to get you to escape with me!"Akame answered

"There's no way I could simply escape,I can't betray our comrades,who gave their lives for the mission!"Kurome shouted back

"The people who run the empire are the source of the people's misery,If eliminating them will help the citizens,our comrades that passed will understand!"Akame shouted back

"That a Convenient arguement,Onee-chan!"Kurome shouted as both Akame and Kurome dashed forward as once again their swords clashed again

The ground rumbled as a 15-Meter Class Titan appeared

"Oh no!A titan has appeared!"Armin shouted

"Don't worry...I'm sure they'll find a way to get rid of it"Erwin said

"A 15-Meter Class?!"Kurome screeched

"Our clash must've attracted it"Akame stated

"Akame!Watch out!"Oluo shouted

The Titan smashed the place where Kurome and Akame were and they both successfully dodged

But then the Titan swung his fist at Kurome

"Goodluck,Akame!"Moblit shouted while holding back Hanji

"It's a Titan which can be attractied by a clash!A powerful clash which attracts that kind of titan!I have to capture him!!!"Hanji shouted

"Kurome!"Akame warned Kurome,Kurome unable to move was frozen in place

Until her puppet,Natala pushed her out of the way and instead was crushed by the titan's fist

"Natala!"Kurome screamed but was late

"How dare you do that to my friend?!Doya!"Kurome screamed for her other puppet as she gave the titan a hateful look

Doya dashed to the titan and shot it but bullets didn't work and soon Doya was crushed too

"Even Doya!I'll never let you into my collection!!"Kurome screamed with hate as she stood up ready to attack the titan

Kurome dashed forward,and jumped as the titan swung it's fist and missed Kurome,Kurome slashed the titan but it didn't work and she was about to be in the titan's grasp

Until Akame came and saved her,they both fell to the ground

"Are you alright,Kurome?"Akame asked worriedly

"Onee-chan..."Kurome said looking at Akame,they both stood up and nodded at each other

"Let's do it..."Akame said,they both dashed towards the titan,the titan swung his fist at both of the but missed,Kurome took the first and cut down on of his legs

As the Titan fell to the ground,it looked up in time to see Akame,Akame slashed the titan from above and split it in two

"Eliminate!"Akame shouted as she successfully cut the titan

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