The New Girl Causes Big Trouble

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It was a week after that experience of Hanji and her usual antics about titans,When a new cadet was admitted into the Survey Corps

She was Yuri Kei,She had brown hair and hazel eyes,but she's a slut,after seeing Erwin,Levi or even Mike in only one second she started flirting with them

"Erwin,I have a mission,I'll be back early"Akame said grabbing her black coat and heading out

"Tch,Be Careful"Levi said kissing her lips as she was about to leave

"Yes"Akame said as she left

"God!Finally she's out of the picture!' Yuri snapped in her mind as she smirked seeing Akame leave,Planning to stalk her she did as she thought

"Alright,Akame,I'll assign you with Lubbock and Tatsumi,You guys have to eliminate all the remaining titans in the Trost District"Najenda ordered

"Yes Boss"The three said in a sync as they left HQ and headed for the Walls

'So.....She's going out of the walls,Ey?I bet this is a great opportunity to get rid of her' Yuri thought as she brought out her axe following and trailing Akame,Lubbock and Tatsumi

As Akame,Lubbock and Tatsumi were out of the Walls they proceeded killing Titans left and right,heading their own way and killing their own style

As Akame finished 2 15-Meter Class Titans,Yuri proceeded to a,bush her,hitting her stomach and her left leg deeply injuring Akame

Losing a lot of blood,Akame fell to the ground,unconscious,Yuri smirked and went back inside the walls

"Wait!Tatsumi!Where's Akame?!"Lubbock asked

"I don't know!She was there killing 2 15-Meter Class Titans earlier!"Tatsumi said pointing to the roof

"Wait!There's blood!Let's check down there!"Lubbock said pointing to the spot Akame fell in

"Akame!"Both Tatsumi and Lubbock shouted in surprise seeing Akame all bloody and hurt

"What happened?!"Tatsumi asked

"I don't know,but she's unconscious,Let's take her back to HQ and get Boss to give her first aid"Lubbock said lifitng up Akame
After seeing Akame bloody,Najenda quickly ordered to put her in her room in their HQ and called a doctor to handle Akame

It was 2 whole days since Akame left the Survey Corps for her mission

"Alright,Your mission for today is to kill The Thugs who toys with women and give them drugs in the Underground"Najenda said to Mine,Leone and Lubbock and Tatsumi

"I'll come"Akame bluntly declared as she stepped in,her stomach and leg all bandaged up

"Are you sure you can go on missions like that?"Najenda asked

"Yes"Akame replied nodding,they then headed off

As they were on Lubbock's strings,Akame spotted Yuri she quickly jumped off and landed perfectly on the ground

"Akame wait!"Mine shouted but Akame was already down

"It was you,wasn't it?"Akame confronted Yuri

"W-What are you talking about,Corporal?I-I don't know anything!"Yuri denied

Akame narrowed her eyes at Yuri for a good 5 seconds before turning away

"Tch"And for the first time ever,Akame clicked her tongue

"Akame!Up here!"Leone called out from above

"On my way"Akame replied

After finishing their mission,Akame went to the Survey Corps

"Corporal Akame!"Mikasa said in surprise

"Akame!Where were you!?It's been 2 whole days since you left!"Hanji said spotting Akame

"Yeah,Sorry 'bout that"Akame said

"You should've seen Corporal!He almost sent out every cadets to look for you!Luckily Commander Erwin stopped him"Gunther informed

"Where is he?"Akame asked

"As usual,In his office"Hanji said

"Thanks"Akame shortly replied before walking to Levi's office

She entered the office,but Levi wasn't there

'He must be in his room' Akame noted herself,Entering Levi's connected Bedroom,catching Levi cruled up in his bed

"Levi...."Akame said with her soft voice catching Levi's attention

"Akame!Where've you been?!"Levi asked as Akame aat in hus bed just beside him,not planning to let him see her bandaged stomach and leg she hid it closely

"Well....Our mission got........Delayed and I didn't inform you about it,sorry to get you all worried"Akame said

"Tch,Next time tell me about it,Now come here and lie down beside me,I missed you"Levi said as Akame lied down in Levi's arms

Then.....Levi saw it

He saw a white cloth in Akame's stomach and her leg,curious he lifted Akame's shirt to Akame's protests

"Levi no!"Akame said worried and scared Levi might see her wound

"What happened?"Levi asked with a dead serious tone,seeing her bandaged stomach and leg,Akame looked at ground not planning to tell Levi

"What happened?!Why is your stomach bandaged?!Why is your left leg bandaged?!How did you get those wounds?!"Levi shouted raising his voice higher as Akame flinched a little

"I don't know!"Akame shouted back,her red eyes covered by her jet-black hair

"What happened?..."Levi asked his tone was softer and was full of worry

"I......I was finishing 2 15-Meter Class Titans,then.....when I was about to head back someone came from behind me and injured me,That's the last thing I remember since I passed out"Akame explained

"Do you.....Have any idea who it might be?"Levi asked as Akame shaked her head

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