A Blessed Vessel?!

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"Kuraha,Kinuha,Akiha,wait for an opening and confine Akame through a Borderline"Bishamon ordered releasing 3 of her regalia's The Lion Kuraha,The Whip Kinuha,The Revolver Akiha

As Akame striked once more Bishamon called out another Regalia

"Yugiha!"And thus a large sword appeared it was far more bigger than those swords used by the Survey Corps,it was wider and bigger

Bishamon clashed swords with Akame,The clash was too strong and Akame was pushed back once again,and her sword Murasame was separated from her

"Maki!"Akame called out as the sword floated and started flying towards Akame

"Now!"Bishamon shouted

"Borderline!"Kinuha,Kiraha and Akiha both chanted drawing a line each of them were at a corner drawing a triangle and trapping Akame inside a light that kept her inside

"This is the end..."Bishamon said

As Bishamon was about to cut down Akame who was trapped in a borderline,Maki,Akame's Only Regalia stopped infront of Akame who was trapped inside the Borderline on her knees,right infront of Bishamon

"Maki!"Akame shouted in agony as Bishamon cut the sword in half

"You protected your Master until the very end.."Bishamon said staring down at the broken pieces of sword right below her

As the borderline disappeared Akame dropped to her knees,shouting holding her chest painfully

"Ack!-AHH!"Akame continuesly shouted it was as if she was being killed but she wasn't

"Now...You finally understood the agony of losing a regalia,It's very painful isn't it?Let me put you out of your misery..."Bishamon said as she raised up the large sword

'The name....It's not gone!Maki's still here!' Akame thought as her red eyes widened and at the exact time Bishamon was about to swing down the sword Akame looked up

"Murasame!"Akame shouted and instant light fell upon her,Bishamon was pushed back as heavy air filled their sides

Two blades appeared in Akame's hand

"M-Murasame?"Akame called out

'I'm fine!' Came a woman's voice from inside the sword

"Maki?!"Akame said in shock

"This is....Like what happened with Kazuma!"Bishamon said

"What's happening?"Erwin asked

"She's just like me..."Kazuma mumbled

"There are the rarest of Regalia's,who are very loyal to their Masters,that they are willing to put down their name and life for their masters,they transform and they are...Blessed Vessels!"Kazuma said

"I can't believe it...That Murasame is a Blessed Vessel too?!"Bishamon shouted

"Veena!Stop this immediately!"Kazuma said but Bishamin ignored him once more

"AHHHH!"Came an agonizing scream from Bishamon as she knelt on the ground screaming in pain

"What's wrong?!"Kuraha asked alarmedly

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