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Akame galloped her horse off to the far distance,Levi couldn't catch up even with his horse,Soon Levi encountered Erwin

"Erwin,Did you see Akame?"Levi asked

"No,But It's too late to look for her,we have to rise early tomorrow,since we'll be finishing off all the titans in the Trost District"Erwin commanded

"Tch"Levi bit his lip and went back to HQ to his office and slept,feeling the empty space,where supposedly Akame was to be sleeping

But she wasn't.....

He felt lonely,Worried,guilty and angry at himself at the same time,for not being able to explain himself to Akame,he missed her

He slept,with one tear falling down his cheek
The Next Day,Levi woke up,Akame still wasn't by his side,this caught him worried

"Better get up.."Levi said to himself as he got ready and went to the Mess Hall where,Erwin was explaining to everyone about their Expedition

"Alright,5 minutes to prepare after that I expect everyone outsode on their horses!"Erwin commanded

After a while,Levi still hasn't seen Akame or known a single thing about what has happened to her,but as per Erwin's command he got ready

Soon they were all out the walls and in the Trost District which is swarming with Titans

On the left side,Levi caught sight of Akame directing her Squad members

'Atleast she's safe....' Levi thought

"Alright!Kill every titan you see on the spot!"Erwin said

"Hai!"Everyone saluted and did their tasks

Levi kept his eyes stuck to Akame all the time,until he saw she was cornered by 20 titans

And almost everyone was watching on the walls,watching Akame

"Commander!Corporal Akame's in danger!That's 20 Titans all heading for her.,We should send her help!"Armin said

"No......It's okay,Akame'll be fine"Erwin said

"But!-"Armin trailed off as he saw how Akame looked like,she looked ready and not nervous at all

"Here's a little tip for you new ones.....Never,Ever doubt Akame's skills,she's worth a million of thousands of soldiers"Erwin said

"Look!Wow!Major Akame is Amazing!"Sasha screamed in awe and amazement

Akame was killing the titans very fast,none of them could even keep up,dodging expertly,backflipping,flipping

Everyone was amazed at Akame's skills

"That's already 10 down.....She's fast"Mikasa said in realization

Then in one hit 5 titans were down

"Now I understand,why she's important to Humanity"Eren said

"She's really perfect......"Jean whispered with another blush

"Woah!Aside from beautiful,and always blunt in the HQ she's actually pretty stong!"Connie said

"It'a actually the first I've seen her in action!"Christa said

"No wonder she's on par with Humanity's Strongest Soldier,But wait.....Does that mean that Corporal Levi is stronger than her?"Armin asked

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