The Encounter

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The storage revealed various bodies of dead people,tortured by the family the just killed

"W-What is this?!"Erwin asked shocked by the truth

"They were a family of sadists disguised as Good Samaritans,they lured many homeless people to their home and soon tortured them"Leone said

"But they deserved it!For example taht girl over there!She has long silky hair while I suffer with mine!She should even be thankful that those people payed her attention!"The girl shouted revealing her true nature

"What sick people"Erwin said disgusted

"Akame you can finish her off now"Leone said

"With pleasure"Akame ran to the girl and slashed her with her Murasame amd the girl died

"For someone as a Assassin you have an exceptional skill,how about joining the Scouting Legion?"Erwin offered

"I think you should take it,I'll tell The Boss about it later"Leone said

"If Leone says so then I will"Akame shrugged

"Great to have you!"Erwin said as Mike sniffed her for the first time

Flashback emd

"Wow....Corporal Akame was so epic back then he even stepped on your head Commander?!"Oluo said

"Yeah....Apparently I wasn't her target and ignored me"Erwin sighed

"My First encounter with her might be scary but Levi's first encounter with her was funnier!"Erwin said

"Really?!Tell us?!"Sasha said

"Tch"Levi clicked his tongue


'Erwin,They tokd us to capture,Levi Ackerman the thug in the Undergrounds"Akame said

"I know,we'll get right on it"Erwin said

Then the Survey Corps\Scouting Legion went to the Underground in order to pursue,the famous thug,Levi Ackerman/Rivaille

Then the chasing happened,as Levi slipped from building to building,While Erwin was chasing him,Akame was already at the other side waiting for him

As Levi exited,he was shocked to see Akame and bumped into her,thinking she was just a civilian who happened to pass by,seeing as she wore normal clothes

They landed on the ground with a thud,with Akame on top of Levi holding him down,Levi thought her jet-black hair and red eyes looked beautiful and gorgeous,at the moment he saw her,he was attracted to her and found her Attractive,she was his first love

His eyes widened as the wind gently blew up her hair revealing the Survey Corps/Scouting Legion's Symbol on her back,knowing she was one of Erwin's comrades he felt dejected but at the same time happy

Levi struggled to get out of Akames grasp but he couldnt do anything,even though,he,himself,is a very strong person,he couldn't take down Akame

Boy,was she one strong girl,Akame held him down while waiting for Erwin,Mike and the others to arrive

"Don't try to struggle,it's useless,but if you insist then I'll do this"Akame said with her monotone cold voice at the end if her sentence she pressed her Murasame on his neck

The second Levi heard her voice he was really captivated it was soothing even though it was monotone and cold

"Akame,good job catching him,Mike will take him you can go now"Erwin said as he finally arrived

"You were late Erwin"Akame said as she got off of Levi and Mike handcuffed alevi holding him kneeling on the ground

"Sorry,I assisted the others to capture....Them"Erwin said as he signalled the others and Isabel and Farlan came out from the shadows handucuffed held by Survey Corps Soldiers

"I knew that even a thug woukdn't be difficult for you to handle"Erwin said to Akame as Akame only rolled her eyes

"As you for....It's questioning time"Erwin said turning to Levi

"That woman is hot"Levi said turning his eye to Akame

"Pfttt.....A-Akame!"Erwin laughed while Akame hit his head with her Murasame's sheath and boy was it hard

"Looks like he's already fallen for you,Akame"Erwin whispered to Akame as he chuckled

"Shut up,Erwin'Akame said as he elbowed Erwin in the guts as he doubled over in pain

"I....Don't really get it,you're both soldiers why are you beating each other up."Levi asked

Flashabck end

"Wow!Corporal Levi was like that?!"Armin said and Erwin nodded

"I never knew,Levi Heichou was like that before.."Eld said

"That woamn is hot.....Pfffttt...."Oluo tried to hold back his laughter,while he repeated Levi's lines

"Tch"Levi clicked his tongue once more

"But Akame really is hot"Jean said

"Yeah,there's no denying that!"Hanji said

They continued talking while Levi escaped amd went outsdie to Akame,who was laying diwn on the grass starring at the sky as usual

Levi laid beside her

"So.....I guess Erwin told you guys about it huh?"Akame asked

"Yeah....Why didn't you ever tell me about it?"Levi asked

"Well.....I thought you might freak about it,you know....That I'm an assassin and all"Akame said

"I wouldn't...."Levi said

"So....Heard you got a Little sister"Levi said glancing at Akame's face,as he mentioned word Little Sister,he noticed Akame's face becoming teary-eyed

"Can you.....Tell me all about her?"Levi asked

"Sure..."Akame said

".......She's got almost the same name as me,Kurome Strauss"Akame started

"She has short black hair that only reaches her shoulders,And unlike my eyes she has black ones"Akame continued

"Like me,she also possesses a sword,but it's quite different from mine,Her sword uses corpses,We were both from the elite group but we were forcefully separated"Akame said

"Then....She found out about how I betrayed the Kingdom and joined Night Raid....and that I abandoned her and all our fallen comrades"Akame said

"Ever since then....She hated me,despised me,deep enough that she's been out to kill me"Akame said

"What?"Levi asked

"She's been out to kill you?Even though you are her older sister?"Levi asked

"Yeah,I guess she forgot about the days where She would always sleep beside me since she always felt uncomfortable,where she always needed me by her side,and where as I always comforted her"Akame continued

"I think we should sleep now?"Levi asked

"Yeah..."Akame said as they both went to Levi's office and slept

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