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Getting Back Together

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"Akame,Come to my office after this expedition."Levi said

"Oh,Fine"Akame said shrugging

"Levi!15-Meter Class about 10 on our way!"Akame warmed

"Tch,These idiots keep getting in my way"Levi cursed

"You take 10 I'll take 10"Levi said

Soon the expedition was finally finished and they safely made it back to the walls as they arrived. In the HQ Erwin had a celebration

"This is thaks to Corporal Akame,who....we thought was dead but wasn't!The success of this Expedition is thanks to her!We have not loss a single soldier because of her!Cheers to Akame!"Erein said

"Cheers!"Everyone shouted

"Thanks,everyone....But don't mind it"Akame said

"Akame!Let's drink!"Oluo said

"Sure!"Akame said sitting beside Oluo,Oluo gave her a glass full of beer and they both drank

"First one to get drunk?..."Oluo asked

"Sure!"Akame replied,back 2 years ago,everytime there was a celebration Oluo would challenge Akame to a drinking contest which he loss at everytime

After a while,Oluo was down while Akame was still fine

"I win!"Akame fpgrinned as she finished the last glass and slammed it down the table laughing at Oluo

"Hahahahaha!You haven't changed!It's been 2 years Oluo!"Akame laughed at Oluo who was passed out on the floor

"Tch...."Levi was watching Oluo and Akame's contest ever since they started and he was extremely jealous of Oluo

"Akame,It's time to sleep"Levi said pulling Akame by her arms

"Ha?.......But I haven't even eaten a meat yet!..."Akame whined cutely pouting at Levi

"Forget about it,just eat tomorrow,let's go back to my office"Levi said dragging Akame along with him

"Ha!Shorty!That's not fair!I also want Akame!"Hanji shouted

"Fuck off!Shit-Glasses!She's mine!"Levi shouted once more before dragging her for good to his office

"I'm.....Sleepy~........"Akame murmured as Levi placed her down on his bed,Levi removed his clothes before joining Akame

Snuggling deep in her neck he hgged her,missing her

"I love you...."Levi said

"I love you too..."Akame replied back,Levi smiled before sleeping

The next day,Akame woke up earlier than expected,she quickly went to the Mess Hall and made tea,then she walked out and sat on the bench just outside the HQ while quietly enjoying the peace and quiet drinking her tea

"Ahh~~~~.......I love it when it's this peaceful..."Akame whispered to herself sipping her tea

Levi patted the side to check for Akame but he found no one

"Was I.....Dreaming last night?"Levi asked himself as he stood up,he quickly fixed himself and went to the Mess Hall to find everyone passed out

"Nope....Now where did Akame go?"Levi asked as he walked out of HQ

"Aha......So quiet~~~~"Levi heard someone say out loud with a seductive,sexy morning voice and no doubt it was Akame

"Akame,What are you doing here?"Levi asked sitting beside her

"Enjoying the peace before the others wake up and make noise"Akame replied sipping tea

"I'd like that once in a while..."Levi said

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