Step 48: Awkward Washroom Moment

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I think we've all had a point in our lives where we've had "The awkward washroom moment." I refrain from going into the washroom in the morning because trust me it's just too awkward. 

This is usually how it starts. I'm peeing or whatever on the toilet and some girls come in, usually in pairs. I'm sitting there awkwardly peeing and well you hear them giggling, ignoring your presence. So, what happens when your done with your sh*t? Well, you have to get out and leave the stall right? So then you flush and they realize someone else is there. Sometimes their gossiping, telling secrets etc. and then right after they stop talking.

All you hear is silence as you awkwardly open the door to see them looking at you. You shrink at there proximity. Sometimes I even mumble and "Hi" and they never answer. Omigod it's the awkwardest thing ever. What's worse is that the girl or girls (worse) are occupying the sinks with their hand bags of make-up. So, then you awkwardly touch it and shove it away. Sometimes they get angry....

Then you wash your hands. In my washroom the paper towel is all the way at the other end of the washroom. It's all big and open so people passing by can see you. So, you take your dripping wet hands all the way over to the other end of the washroom careful not to splash them and awkwardly remove a piece of paper. Once I'm done I run for freedom out of the washroom. 

It's terrible I honestly loathe it. So, now I sh*t by getting excused out of class and doing my thing. That way there are only the rare amount of species in there. I'd go with my friends to pee but most of them are like, "Can you not shit yourself." So, I go alone. Who knew going to the washroom in high school would be the scariest thing? 

Now I want you to tell me about your awkward washroom moment in the comments? And perhaps drop me a little note on how to solve this. This is a struggle I have yet to overcome. 

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