afraid || adopted by my chemical romance [#wattys2018] by youvebeenallied
afraid || adopted by my chemical r...by Allie D.
"we can't replace a real family, but we can try and be some kind of dumb, messed-up family for you." Five years of sitting alone in her bedroom, listening to...
  • raytoro
  • adopted
  • frank
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Gerard Way X Reader by ulrsuga
Gerard Way X Readerby ulrsuga
Gerard way couldn't help but fall in love with you and now you guys have a never ending bond of love and happiness
  • romance
  • gerard
  • geeway
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Gerard Way Imagines by panicatthetrash15
Gerard Way Imaginesby Walking Hot Topic
NUMBER 57 IN #EMO!!! Just some Emo imagines of you and Gerard Way. I'm taking requests but only X Reader. If anyone will write smut for me DM me lol. I'm to innocent.
  • emo
  • gerard
  • mychemicalromance
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I'm Afraid To Walk This World Alone (Frerard) by geessloth
I'm Afraid To Walk This World Alon...by ?
(Trigger warning! Self harm, Alcoholism, and Bulling) 18 year old Gerard Way suffers from anxiety. He starts his last year of high school meeting his new best friend Fra...
  • gerard
  • mychem
  • gee
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Wayhaught One Shots by RadioSilence16
Wayhaught One Shotsby *Aggresively Wiggles Eyebrows*
Wayhaught is literal goals so here are some random moments from Waverly and Nicole's lives. Updates will probably be irregular and unpredictable as will the quality, jus...
  • nicole
  • way
  • waverly
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RUMORS! ✰ FRERARD AU by -painkillers
RUMORS! ✰ FRERARD AUby flower kid !
❝ NEVER THOUGHT I'D LET A RUMOR RUIN MY MOONLIGHT ❞ Frank was a party boy: a rebel, a daredevil, and you could even call him a fuckboy if you wanted to go that far. Fran...
  • mikeyway
  • petewentz
  • mychemicalromance
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blocked. [frerard] by garbagefrank
blocked. [frerard]by error 404
frnkiemo: blocked and reported.
  • gerard
  • frerard
  • kik
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ATW: Resurrected Dreams by withmyy
ATW: Resurrected Dreamsby withmyy
Book 3 in the Trilogy
  • romance
  • rose
  • series
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Gerard Way and the Triwizard Tournament by epichorn31
Gerard Way and the Triwizard Tourn...by epichorn31
Great things were always expected of Gerard Way. As the eldest child of the Senior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic, everyone knew that he would succeed at the Ho...
  • frerard
  • way
  • frank
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One Way || Phan by PhanGirlsCraft
One Way || Phanby PhanGirlsCraft
One Way; a phanfiction about the consequences of love. TW: abuse, minor mention of depressive thoughts. I don't recommend reading if you're easily triggered by things li...
  • amazingphil
  • dan
  • chriskendall
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webcam ; f.g  #wattys2018 by prettyiero
webcam ; f.g #wattys2018by ur sad dad
❝ unknown number: when are you taking the tape off of your webcam? unknown number: i miss ur face :-( "what the fuck?" ❞ ©prettyiero all rights reserved. ...
  • raytoro
  • ferard
  • prettyiero
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Among the Stars [Frerard] by carvedangel
Among the Stars [Frerard]by Lexi
[This story could be triggering: Self-harm, Anxiety, Suicidal Ideation] He was his anchor of sorts, he held him down when he felt like he was drifting away. But love can...
  • depression
  • gerard
  • chemical
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Vampire!Mikey way x Reader by MSI_WHORE89
Vampire!Mikey way x Readerby 🖤⛓MSI WHORE⛓🖤
This is my first story I'm writing...This will probably is going to suck.... BUT the story is about Mikey is becoming king following by Gerard,Ray,and Frank becoming Pri...
  • toro
  • mcr
  • gerardway
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+_+_Under heavy editing_+_+ JK noting going to edit all that shit btw. This book is in highest ranking for shitty Author / book goes to me sta.... I mean BADCEREALVIBES...
  • daddykink
  • boyxboy
  • somesmut
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This Kitten Has Claws by Lol5679
This Kitten Has Clawsby Rae Ann
Waking up naked in the middle of the woods wasn't exactly on Amanda's summer wish list. With no recollection as to what happened to her or where she came from, Amanda mu...
  • secure
  • slow
  • suck
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Come On Angel, Don't You Cry by RomanticMisanthrope
Come On Angel, Don't You Cryby Phoenix Quinn
Frank Iero, a 16 year-old high school student, lives next door to Gerard Way, a 21 year-old high school drop out. Gerard never interacts with the people around the neigh...
  • mikey
  • ray
  • raytoro
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Thief | Frerard + Petekey AU by stoplightglow
Thief | Frerard + Petekey AUby kelso
Gerard Way and Pete Wentz work at Ray Toro's comic book shop, and they're all in a bit of a predicament. Belleville Comics has been slowly going out of business for a lo...
  • mcr
  • bands
  • frank
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Kidnapped by... My Chemical Romance!? by xxsophiexx95
Kidnapped by... My Chemical Romanc...by Sophie
[Book one] Sophie's birthday is here and Joey got them both 2 tickets to see MCR live! Cool right? Not until they witness something which would change both of their li...
  • way
  • mikey
  • frank
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Sarah Montana Living In The Boys' Dorm [Completed] by Cellienda
Sarah Montana Living In The Boys'...by Cellienda
Krystal Hayden, treated as an outcast in this rich school she doesn't even want to stay in, aren't like any other girl. She isn't spoiled with money and can't meet any c...
  • turn
  • music
  • blond
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Never forget how beautiful you are (Gerard Way FF) by Daerith
Never forget how beautiful you are...by Blanca
Rylee Stump was adopted when she was young. That fact made for her possible to meet her friends: Mikey, Frankie, Ray, Gerard and Bob. They go to the same high school...
  • rylee
  • chemical
  • bryar
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