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Fake You Out - Joshler by CasualTeenageFangirl
Fake You Out - Joshlerby Whatever
Some people have a hard time letting go of high school grudges, and Tyler Joseph is guilty of that. And when Tyler finds out that the kid who used to bully him in high s...
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Wrong Number (Frerard) by jessthepsychic
Wrong Number (Frerard)by jessthepsychic
(Well actually it's kik fic but this title seemed to work better.) - Frnk: hey Frnk: hey its me Frank Gee : I don't know any Franks Frnk: whoops sorry Frnk: wrong numbe...
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Gerard Way Imagines | Book 1 | COMPLETE ✔ by LastThief
Gerard Way Imagines | Book 1 | COM...by -xoZowie
ya'll need Geesus.
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Pretty like a Rose by -geeway-
Pretty like a Roseby Mr. Mišty Eye
Gerard is an 18-year-old boy that has had a rough life. He's been in this "business" for a while now. Basically, he sells himself to daddies that want him. It...
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The way you look at HIM by shawnongoss
The way you look at HIMby Shawnon
Rye and Andy have always been super close but they went any further because Ryan was a hundred percent straight That's was until they have a new band member sonny who...
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I'm Learning ; Petekey by aerglojohnny
I'm Learning ; Petekeyby aerglojohnny
Deaf au *COMPLETED* -don't forget to vote and comment!- start: 2016.4.16 finish: 2016.6.7
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Summertime (Frerard) by babyspiders
Summertime (Frerard)by babyspiders
"You can run away with me, anytime you want." I want to get away. Away from the abuse at home, at school hell, but we're not friends. I could never be friends...
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I'll Protect You (boyxboy frerard) by ExcessiveBookWorm
I'll Protect You (boyxboy frerard)by ExcessiveBookWorm
One night was all it took for Frank's life to turn upside down. His homophobic, mother finally kicked him out and he met the guys of his dreams. With the rest of his fam...
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My Immortal by Nationiva
My Immortalby find her sweater
For those of you who do not know what My Immortal is, it is in short and most accurately completely stupid. My Immortal is a very loose Harry Potter fanfiction story abo...
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Forget the past. (Mikey Way  x reader)  by MCR_ASH
Forget the past. (Mikey Way x rea...by Phoenix
TRIGGER WARNING: HAS TO DO WITH CHEATING, SUICIDE, DEPRESSION AND MORE!!! Y/n is 19 years old and is in a band called "Lovely Killers". They have had a horribl...
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Our Perfect Fairytale (Sequel to T12 Frerard) by GDB123
Our Perfect Fairytale (Sequel to T...by Queen Emo
THE SEQUEL FOR THEATER 12!!! Yes, you have to read that one first in order for this one to make sense. And the description is going to have spoilers for that book so if...
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blocked. [frerard] by garbagefrank
blocked. [frerard]by error 404
frnkiemo: blocked and reported.
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Gerard Way and the Triwizard Tournament by epichorn31
Gerard Way and the Triwizard Tourn...by epichorn31
Great things were always expected of Gerard Way. As the eldest child of the Senior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic, everyone knew that he would succeed at the Ho...
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we met on omegle ⋆ ddlb petekey by -necromantic
we met on omegle ⋆ ddlb petekeyby ⋆ 𝔬𝔩𝔦 ⋆
"hi, dd here" ⋆ little mikey, cg pete ⋆ ⋆ 6th in petekey, 2/12/20 ⋆
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The Runt of the Litter by iamcatastrophic
The Runt of the Litterby Cat
Gee Way is a little kitten who is sold into slavery by his parents. Thankfully, a certain man named Frank Iero buys him to help him live his dream.
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The World Is Ugly (But You're Beautiful to Me) | Completed by LadyAnneMD
The World Is Ugly (But You're Beau...by «»
Frank's lost his parents when he was sixteen and was now a nineteen year old who had to grow up way too fast. He was still struggling to find a job that didn't leave him...
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Blind in a Way (Frerard) by angeleyes-demonsoul
Blind in a Way (Frerard)by Skittles
"Only douche bags wear sunglasses inside." "If I knew what one looked like, I might agree."
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30 Day oneshot challenge (FRERARD) by YouTube-Inception
30 Day oneshot challenge (FRERARD)by YouTube-Inception
The clue is in the title really ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway enjoi this, I have never done something like this that makes me seem so committed to writing. To be fair I thought fuc...
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Thief | Frerard + Petekey AU by stoplightglow
Thief | Frerard + Petekey AUby kelso
Gerard Way and Pete Wentz work at Ray Toro's comic book shop, and they're all in a bit of a predicament. Belleville Comics has been slowly going out of business for a lo...
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Killjoys Gerard x reader by ReVeNGeQueeN03
Killjoys Gerard x readerby lonely shadow
(I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS IN SEVENTH GRADE SO PLEASE BEAR WITH THIS) (Written in 2016) You are a lone killjoy who met a random guy who turns out to be a killjoy too. Is i...
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