My Little Kiwi [H.S] ✔️ by HSFanFicTion1994
My Little Kiwi [H.S] ✔️by In a Cool Way
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The Professor  by hicamm
The Professor by hicamm
COMPLETED// Clarence Wilson is a 19 year old girl, who has just graduated high school and is now onto college, which is basically the real world. She thinks she'll go th...
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Głupota głupotę pogania by NaimenAkai
Głupota głupotę poganiaby Naimen
Książka zainspirowana "Tekstami ze szkoły" Optypesyreal i "Anatomią Głupoty" Hoyukii. Pojawiać się tu będą różne głupie teksty wypowiedziane przeze m...
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Eddsworld x Reader Oneshots by TheCinnaMegBun1-0
Eddsworld x Reader Oneshotsby TheCinnaMegBun 1-0
× Requests Are Open × Ever wanted to know what it would be like to be in a relationship with a character from Eddsworld? Well, here you go! [Artwork and Eddsworld DON'T...
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BTS Scenarios by Mythicalily
BTS Scenariosby Lily
Basically this is a book of compiled, "What would BTS be like in this situation XD". I (J)Hope you like them! <3 Also, I will likely reply to your comment b...
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Double D's by Nishsai_V
Double D'sby Nish
Etiquette noun et·i·quette \ˈe-ti-kət, -ˌket\ : the conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or off...
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Spectrum | ✐ by LadyMeringue
Spectrum | ✐by LadyMeringue
PO1 || ❝Because that's the best thing about the human mind - it's never a single emotion, but a spectrum of them waiting to define the person of worth you truly are. ❞ T...
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Pregnant by Mark Tuan | Mark Tuan GOT7 Fanfic | by _xItsSarahx_
Pregnant by Mark Tuan | Mark Sarah
One too many drinks leads to Jayda Walker waking up in Mark Tuan's hotel bed. She finds herself in big situation. Mark Tuan is famous for being in GOT7 but one too man...
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CRUEL BOY by bookmarkkittens
CRUEL BOYby bookmarkfeline
"They're all liars. Violence is always the answer."
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Short Lived - Ryuga Kishatu x OC by jungkooks_hoe
Short Lived - Ryuga Kishatu x OCby love myself
Their love was never meant to last.
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Taron Egerton imagines by CiaraRichardson
Taron Egerton imaginesby CiaraRichardson
This book is for my best friend,she loves Taron Egerton so i thought i would make a book of different imagines of him and also if anyone else likes him then i guess this...
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Situations/thoughts by LonelyPenguin
Situations/thoughtsby TheTaehyungShow
This is just some awkward situations. Some are just things that happen to me. Orr.......... Stuff thoughts and stuff.
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Random Thoughts/Situations by TalentedPikachuPower
Random Thoughts/Situationsby CrystallizedGalaxy
Just random thoughts. Song recommendations, book recommendations, and references. Rants about random crap, suggestions about people who others should follow, and tags. A...
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Twilight Imagines by adamantiumwolf15
Twilight Imaginesby Skylar Leighton
A collection of imagines I have created, that are to do with the fandom and book/film saga- Twilight. Requests are open. Just tell me, who it is that you want to be with...
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DC Superhero Imagines by _TheQuestion_
DC Superhero Imaginesby Two faced
Imagine yourself in situations with your favorite superheros
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Addicted→ 2Seok Oneshots by StarGazerGalaxies
Addicted→ 2Seok Oneshotsby StarGazerGalaxies
❝Why does it always come down to this, Jinnie?❞ Short instances and situations. Don't know why it's mostly angsty. Editing soon. Don't own the media used. All rights res...
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Stuck in the Crossfire (Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon - Spideypool) by OfficialUSMWriter
Stuck in the Crossfire (Ultimate Mystery_Name
Pseudo-Spider-Man shrugged Iron Fist and White Tiger off carelessly. "Well, then I guess my jobs done. Carry on Humphrey, don't let me get in the way of your own un...
  • situations
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How I personally feel  by youngbloodnei
How I personally feel by Youngblood 💉⏪⏸▶️⏩🔂
This is my feelings and if it offends you then my apologies
  • reallife
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Have YOU Ever been in these Situations??? by fjustbooksf
Have YOU Ever been in these Valiot Furd
The story title is in itself a description...this is a book of questions. Since I am very inquisitive in nature, this book is for those who want to answer and all of my...
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It's yoU by LuckJacklyn
It's yoUby Luck
When it comes to saying goodbye, Grayson doesn't do it. He lets people leave without saying goodbye, or he just leaves them without warning. But when Ariana comes into h...
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