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The Beast 1,2,3 by Vicky_Landgraab
The Beast 1,2,3by Vicky Landgraab
Wrócił, jednak go nie znali. Jego imię, pochodzenie, przeszłość. Nic nie było o nim wiadome. Więc, dlaczego siał postrach wśród mieszkańców? Vivienne nie wierzy, że jest...
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Few things about myself!  by Lucy_heartifilia002
Few things about myself! by Lucy_heartifilia002
Hey readers!!!! Want to know about me. Then ask me anything I'll answer those questions!!!!! Note: Some fun tags are in there. Be sure to not kill me if you repeatedly...
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Destroyed By Words------COMPLETED by ThatBrokenGirl18
Destroyed By Words------COMPLETEDby ThatBrokenGirl18
Carina Davis is a girl who goes where she needs to everyday, hiding from everyone what really happens at home. Her parents hate her, and they have no problem with displ...
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Tips on christian living by AliasCartellano
Tips on christian livingby Alias Cartellano
Insights and instructions on things every christian should perform. Carry through these instructions and find peace,life and insight.
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The girl in the Hoodie *Slowly Editing* by IzzyAmbrose
The girl in the Hoodie *Slowly Edi...by hello
"is this what you've came to" I say making him jump a little. He turns around enough to see the sorrow in his once bright green eyes now as dull as a slow carn...
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Rebel Girl by AmberLeeH13
Rebel Girlby Amber Lee
{Completed} Emerson isn't popular. She's also not a geek, or a jock, or a musical theatre kid, or emo, or any other social classification. Emerson just kind of exists in...
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The 7 Keys to Success by Will_Edwards
The 7 Keys to Successby Will Edwards
A free inspirational book that will change your life, The 7 Keys to Success contains an important message - it is time for you to wake-up and start living the life you w...
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Love's A Drag (ShikamaruXReader) by Amethysttheoneandonl
Love's A Drag (ShikamaruXReader)by Amethyst
Shikamaru ain't the lovey- dovey type, the only thing he loves is Shogi, his cigarettes and long, uninterrupted naps. You knew him since preschool, he still hasn't chang...
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101 THINGS ABOUT REMUS LUPIN by Purplemist14
The title pretty much says it all. This book contains about a hundred facts on Remus John Lupin's life, personality and character. We all have a fair idea on who he was...
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7 Habits of Highly Effective People- A SUMMARY by elspeth_c
7 Habits of Highly Effective Peopl...by Companion Adedeji
This is a summary of the renowned book by Stephen R. Covey. I was prompted to write it by my friend who asked for a summary. It contains the most important points of cou...
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We Are Vongola by NightofFrost
We Are Vongolaby NightofFrost
A collection of one-shots or pieces centering around Tsuna and his family. Forty-fifth: New Year's Eve has always been a depressing time for Tsuna. But after Reborn's in...
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One Minute Cigarette Break (ONE SHOT) by AGreatPretender
One Minute Cigarette Break (ONE SH...by romi
I'm a good girl with bad habit, and He is my bad habit. He is my escape, but I'm just his one minute cigarette break.
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habits [DAY6] by youngkswifeu
habits [DAY6]by MyDayisDay6
In which Brian has to choose between love and friendship **dont read further down to avoid spoilers - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Day6 x twice ff youngk x jeongye...
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99 Ways to get Rid of Annoying People by Twinklin_Lights
99 Ways to get Rid of Annoying Peo...by ツ
Welcome and beware this book may change your life :3 CAUTION: Please keep in mind that this book is purely fiction and anything deemed inappropriate in this book is pure...
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Kidnapped • Ksj 21+ by OneDesire7
Kidnapped • Ksj 21+by 김 린다⁷
"Let me go!" He smirks, "Why would I do that? The fun has just begun." - - - - - Mafia AU 🚫Mature Content🚫 💜There will be a storyline it's not jus...
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The Perfect One; Unbroken ~ Idina Menzel fanfiction by jadinasnyzel
The Perfect One; Unbroken ~ Idina...by jadinasnyzel
This book is the sequel to The Perfect One. Please read that book first to understand everything that's going on. Idina Kim Menzel may not have had the perfect pass but...
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How to Lose Weight without Even Trying by Willamina
How to Lose Weight without Even Tr...by Will
With New Years coming right around the corner, thousands of people will make a resolution to lose weight, but only 3% of them reach their goal. So, with my "wealth...
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Hogwart Habits by _Smoke_And_Ash
Hogwart Habitsby ash
A few habits of the four Hogwarts Houses. *** Slytherin being sarcastic at the worst of times and being the most savage of houses twenty-four-seven. *** Ravenclaw spendi...
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The Fangirl And The Gamer by singing_bird21
The Fangirl And The Gamerby Wren
[Originally titled "The Wattpader And The Gamer] Sa bansa natin, almost all girls are fangirls and almost all boys are gamers (hindi nilalahat-- alam kong may fanbo...
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