Step 36: 25 Things to do in an Awkward Situation Part 1

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1. Pretend to text

2. “So how about that game last night”

3. Rapid fake sneezes

4. Compliment their mom

5. Pretend to tie your shoes

6. Say “oops another gay baby is born”

6. Facepalm

7. Change the subject

8. Pull the fire alarm 

9. Make a pterodactyl noise

10. Yell Hallelujah!

11. Praise the lord

12. Say “does a vertical line twist?”, and hope it doesn’t get even more awkward

13. Say “awkward” in a high pitch voice

14. Cough Fake sick and say you need to leave

15. Pretend there is a distraction

16. Discuss the weather

17. Say you just got an emergency email and you have to leave ASAP

18. Say something even more awkward

19, Yell “JAYKAY”

20. Tell them they have something in their hair

21.Say “I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to myself.”

22. Ask what colour of Snuggie they own

23. Keep asking questions

24. Watch the video -------> there in external link

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